Killzone 2 ads played at the Cinemas

Watch the new Killzone 2 ad played at the Cinemas. It is played before the movies and during intermission. They are played in Sena cinemas in Iceland.

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TheColbertinator3533d ago

Advertising in Iceland? Well its a start I suppose

Helghast Slayer3533d ago

They need to release the Ballet of Deaf trailer in Australian cinemas. Heck they need to show it around the damn world.

LeonSKennedy4Life3533d ago

The Ballet of Death trailer looks terrible! It makes the blood look fake, the character models follow a pre-rendered path, and they could have picked better orchestral music.

trancefreak3532d ago

Im glad you guys new it was iceland because i had no idea what the hell I was looking @ besides it being kz2.

Sevir043533d ago

They should show this game at some spring block buster movie

N4Sony3533d ago

It's over. Sony has now officially won this generation of console wars. To break through the glass ceiling and advertise in Icelandic movie theatres is something DAMN impressive.

The logic here is undeniable. We have 1.1 million pre-orders in Europe, so we'll keep advertising in Europe instead of trying to reach out to shooter-happy, PS3-avoiding NA gamers to try and expand our market. BRILLIANT!

It's over, pack it in 360, you've lost!

Awesome Possum3533d ago

They really should do this in america.

Qbanboi3533d ago

This Ads is 10 times better than the other one. They should show this one instead.

himdeel3533d ago

...a SINGLE advertisement for Killzone 2 on tv. SONY really does suck at marketing their games. Even my grandmother knew the Gears 2 commmercial when she saw it. Her exact words were, "Is that Gears game part of some new army commercial because I don't think those boys were real."

CaseyRyback_CPO3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Last time I checked, isn't Iceland in Europe?
Which would include Iceland pre orders..
Or do we need to thank you for pointing out that you think Europe is just England?

Not sure..

Would you suggest sony not advertise in Europe, or..What exactly are you trying to say?

Travel more.

I'd imagine sony has an entire globe to worry about advertising. EU seems to have more pre-orders than the USA.. theres 1 commercial you have to run for the USA.. there are many regions in the EU that you have to run em for..

Why hate on icelandic movies.. when those folks probably pre-ordered the game?

acedoh3533d ago

of their better trailers. I would like to see it here in America. Simple yet intense. Sells the game very well...

GameGambits3533d ago

That was decent. It's a step up from LBP and Resistance 2 commercials. I ended up seeing commercials for Dead Space before movies back when it was released in 2008 and that was great to see! The twinkle twinkle little star AD they had and it was really well done.

f7897903533d ago

I do not believe they have brains. I love my ps3 but seriously who the F%^@ came up with those launch commercials?! All they have to do to advertise Killzone 2 is play the first seconds of the intro then show a bunch of explosions. That's it.

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TOO PAWNED3533d ago

They need to do this in USA

XGRaViSmOrSX3533d ago

they need to actually show something. i havent seen a single thing for KZ2 in the US at ALL.

sony is in the failbot for getting the word out there on good games, no wonder all their AAA games dont sell well. im starting to hate sony a bit w/ all this bullshit. its as if they want to fail miserably this gen.

Ju3533d ago

Guys you are to negative. What makes you think it won't be available in the US. Because, uhm, it is in English ? With subtitles ? Can only be a good sign, they cover Iceland. I mean, it won't be the ONLY country they play that ad.

Aclay3533d ago

If Sony is going to advertise Killzone 2 at a Movie Theater, they should advertise it before the showing of Watchmen, because that's the biggest movie coming out just a week after KZ2. I've seen Sony PS3 advertisements in a Theater before, and a KZ2 ad before a big blockbuster movie like Watchmen would be a very smart idea if Sony follows through with it.

I don't know when the heck Sony is going to start TV Ad's for KZ2 in the U.S., but I'm guessing it'll be during the week that KZ2 releases.

PtRoLLFacE3533d ago

the only game i ever saw playing an add on theaters was halo 2, but is good to know that sony is marketing killzone 2, it will help them a lot in sales

WhittO3533d ago

Ive seen loads of ps3 ads in the cinema, Motorstorm PC, Resistance 2, Singstar (lol), Buzz.

Wish they would advertise good games lol, like MGS4 or Uncharted instead of Buzz and Singstar!!

But guess they are trying to lure the casual audience.

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