Sega's Ultimate Collection, or is it?

A question everyone asks themselves when faced with another 'classic compilation' is "Why should anyone buy a collection of games that were released on vastly inferior systems with dated graphics and simple gameplay when we have multimillion-dollar franchises and Hollywood actors featuring in open-ended games of intricate story-lines and complex characters?"

The beautiful thing about publishers re-releasing old games is that you can write a review before they are released…

The answer is simple; Museums. Just as people stand before great monuments, buildings and works of art while surrounded by arguably more wondrous inventions, gamers should make sure they partake in retro gaming. Stand before the very history of gaming; it's characters, conventions, scenarios, genres and finest works and you will find enlightenment. In the same way that an artisan might remark "This is one of the first examples of cubism" these collections will take you on a guided tour of the very roots of the games you play; "This is one of the first examples of digitised speech," "here is the first example of a jump-attack" "here is Tail's first introduction"

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davidrx73533d ago

most def an ultimate collection. picked it up fri and have been in retro bliss since!

_Q_3533d ago

With Sonic 1-2,Streets of Rage 1-3 and Shining Force 1-2 all for $30 im satisfied

Fullish3533d ago

Shining force does it for me :)

MaximusPrime3533d ago

reordered over a month ago. love sonic 1-3 plus other sega games.

good to go back to retro ages ;)

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