IGN: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Single-Player Verdict

IGN writes: "It's been ten months since Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV to rave reviews and blockbuster sales numbers. Tuesday brings a new chapter in GTA IV and a new step in the evolution of downloadable content. While expansion packs that include significant single-player and multiplayer additions are old practice on PC, robust post-market content is virtually unheard of on consoles. Without question The Lost & Damned, a $20 Xbox 360 exclusive, is the meatiest DLC to date. Not only do you get a significant single-player campaign, but L&D includes 54 new music tracks, 20 new vehicles, a half-dozen new weapons, new side missions, new TV shows and new multiplayer modes. That's quite a deal when you consider the three-hour experience provided by Fallout 3's recent Operation: Anchorage DLC cost ten bucks. So rather than bother asking if it's worth it, let's just focus on how the experience stacks up against GTA IV".

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BRB3557d ago

They dont like Johnny too much

Ghyst3557d ago

First halo wars get's a 7/10.... and now ign doesn't really think the dlc for fallout 3 or gta4 is any good...

i guess when it comes down to it, xbox is 7/10... and ps3 is 9/10. well that's what ign says anyway.

XDF3557d ago

Dude you are delusional. Halo Wars got a 7/10 from EDGE the same score they gave KZ2. Halo equal KZ2 comfirmed. IGN didn't review LOST and the Damed yet while the very few reviews it has thus far are very positive.

You just mad because it is not on PS3. But..KZ2..KZ2..not on s**t sherlock, that is why owning both consoles is the best way to go.

Q1gaming purchase: Halo Wars, Lost and the Damned, KZ2, Star OCean 4, SF4(x360), RE5(x360

GiantEnemyCrab3557d ago

Ghyst that couldn't of sounded more like a cry baby comment.

You seem to have bruised your e-peen.

XDF: Funny, that is basically my same game list for Q1. Not including XBLA/PSN games.

NegativeCreep4273557d ago

In case you are not familiar with me, that was sarcasm.

DavidMacDougall3557d ago

Im quessing from that other article you will also need to love c0ck to play this game LOL !!!

TheMART3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Funny how PS3 tards allways focus on one game when some have it all.

I'll have this AND I'll have KZ2. Plus, you're just butthurt that GTAIV made the jump from PS exclusive to the 360 and gets the most complete version. As also is the case with Fallout 3 for example.

PS3rd not only in hardware sales, also in version of 3rd party multiplatform games.


Ah Penny. Only weak persons start to call bad names when they know they lost. And thats whats up, 360 gamers won GTAIV the most complete version. Enjoy your PS3rd though.

Pennywise3557d ago

Mart you are so righteous. I'm sure all of your xbotking fantards love you, even with your booger eating habits.

You have fun playing your GTA penis fest DLC. I am not jealous fool, I was hyped about GTA until I bought it and played it. It was over rated and extremely boring. End of story you little snot nose punk.

GiantEnemyCrab3557d ago

Why not have both? I will be enjoying this and Killzone 2.

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