TVG: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Review

TVG writes: "As if all of this content wasn't enough, TLAD also boasts the usual range of GTA side missions and activities as well as a couple of new ones. Hi-lo card games and arm wrestling have been added on the mini-game front, while the appearance of Mock the Week's Frankie Boyle in the comedy club adds a funny, if not so friendly, face to the proceedings. You'll also find 12 biker races to compete in and 25 gang wars dotted around the city to emerge victorious from. Finally, corrupt senator Thomas Stubbs and a guy called Angus will keep you in the money with some additional side-missions (the Stubbs missions, in particular, are well worth checking out)".

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N4Garbage5149d ago

DLC how it should be done.

pswi605149d ago

i think we all know who pays the bills over at TVG

Gun_Senshi5149d ago

DLC how it should be done?

*points Burnout Paradise*

N4PS3G5149d ago (Edited 5149d ago )

ughhhh....tempting :(

I don't wanna buy GTA again! ughh :(

Omega45149d ago


Seams like MS got AAA content for every gaming medium

Omega45149d ago

5 disagrees from what!?

Its not like i said they gave Killzone 2 an 8 making 360 DLC better than a full game did i!

Talk about touchy fanboys

Ghoul5149d ago

well hyping microsoft because they shelled out 50million for a dlc is totally childish, especially since they only lay money on the table, instead of making new games or ips.

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The story is too old to be commented.