Get Resistance: Retribution for £17.99

Talk writes:"Bumping into this on Gameplay after searching for a new PSP. My eye caught the interesting price of £17.99 for Resistance: Retribution."

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randomwiz3623d ago

I know im going to hell, but i'm going to download this game along with the other 90% of psp owners that will have this game.

wait... news on N4G... is this the end of the world.

farhsa20083623d ago

well i agree that i probably will download it too, but if the game is really great i will not hesitate it to buy it.

wolf13063622d ago

you guys are the reason the psp is dying , i hope Sony will release the psp2 that cant be cracked like the ps3 , that will solve their software problems and will make u buy games, and if u don't then we really don't care since you guys don't exist to us

Cajun Chicken3622d ago

Nice, I'll look into that. No 100% sure about R:R, I'll try the demo sometime.
Stupid pirate knock-off-Nigels above.