ZTGD Review: I-play 3D Bowling

If rented footwear gives you the shivers, you wouldn't be caught dead waiting in line for a Wii and you love the feel of swinging your arm then I-play 3D Bowling is the game for you. The only detriments to the title are that it isn't particularly innovative and resides at the upper end of the bowling price spectrum at $2.99. If you've played Wii Sports, you've played this game, though to its credit I think the gimmick holds up better in mobile. Easy to pick up and play, it's a tailor-made time killer for the mobile platform - and for as friendly as the learning curve is it is worth noting that racking up strikes just doesn't get old.

+ Touch and Motion controls
+ Good 3D presentation
+ Trophies and Awards
+ Multi-player

- Not very innovative
- Plenty of free bowling games

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