IGN Presents the History of Street Fighter

It is a matter of skill. Two warriors meet to test themselves against wildly different styles of combat. They are Russian wrestlers and tonfa-swinging Englishmen, American boxers, Indian mystics, New York brawlers, crazed jungle monsters and quiet masters of the martial arts. Blunt instrument or elegant weapon, the choice of discipline isn't important. Skill alone determines the outcome.

They travel the world to meet and battle each other, and above all, to win. Some search for answers, some for glory, some for revenge. Some only seek worthy opponents in a never-ending quest to improve their knowledge and skills.

But only one can become the world's greatest street fighter.

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Keowrath3532d ago

Fantastic article! I really enjoyed this having been a fan since the original Street Fighter. Yeah I remember using the thump pads, remembering my usual machine being OUT OF ORDER and sometime later being replaced with a 6 button machine. Remember the fireballs of death. 3 of em was all it took or 2 dragon punches... WHEN I managed to actually pull em out!

The memories of SF2 are great. I probably spent so much cash in the machine over time that I could of probably bought one. The game was all about the competition, those REALLY close matches when you fight someone who isn't Ken or Ryu, they were the best! I remember challenging a group of kids a little younger than me when I was dressed in a suit whilst at work. They took 1 look at me and were laughing thinking I'd be easy meat and me taking so much cash from them then leaving the cabinet later with severe respect from the group.

I'm surprised the Handcuffs weren't mentioned considering that the article is pretty in depth and the bootleg SF2 "hyper alpha black belt editions" where you spewed 50 odd fireballs when you pulled a dragon punch and the speed being about 10 times faster lol.

I've owned and still do (for the most part) pretty much every iteration of the game including the lesser spotted Zero2 gold version (Although I thought it was named Dash marked by a '). The original Fighting Street on the PC-Engine CD-Rom. Pretty much arcade perfect down to the completely crap control (although the PSP capcom collection is pretty awesomely bad too! =)

This was a nice trip down streetfighter memory lane as I'm psyched for the release of 4 later this week. Heh I just found out how rusty I am by playing the US HD version and getting my ass handed to me (Not to say I haven't been able to hold my own at all but you know when you get hit by a move yet you saw it coming a mile away... Heh, good times!)

Bring on Streetfighter 4 I can't wait!

(Thanks Bloodmask for providing the article)