Kezins: 'Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection' Review

Kezins: I'm a sucker for retro games. Already an owner of the Capcom Collections games for the PSP, I was excited to see this coming out for the PS3. The game boasts that over 40+ games are available to play, some have to be unlocked via specific requests in other games. For example, obtain a high score or complete a specific level.

Fans of the Genesis will notice that all the games they probably want to play are available from the get-go. The main menu is set up pretty easy, allowing you to scroll through to find your desired game. You can also rate each game out of a 5-star rating system via your left and right directions when the game is highlighted. You can also sort the games through the ratings so your top rated games will show up first.

Despite the flaws, the games will keep you entertained for hours, especially the RPG's. If you remember playing these games and you're thinking about picking this up, don't second guess yourself. If you haven't played any (WTF) and you're curious, go out and pick it up. You cannot beat the price and miss out on some of the most pioneer games created.

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