WorthPlaying: Wonder World Amusement Park Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Wonderworld: Amusement Park is the newest mini-game collection on the DS, hot on the heels of success stories like Carnival Games, with a theme park skin that holds a pretty large variety of various mini-game activities. It's still hard to feel like this is more than a cheap cash-in, especially when the majority of the games end up using the same, or at least remarkably similar, control schemes.

When you start up your first game, you'll be greeted with a character selection screen. Each character represents a kid, and there are total of six to choose from; there's no real difference between each character, aside from the outward appearance. As you play, you'll also unlock items with which to outfit your avatar, so while the stock image is a little bland, you get to spruce it up a bit. "

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