TXB's Valentine's Day Heartbreakers

TeamXbox writes: "Ah, Valentine's Day…a time to sidle up to the one you care for and tell her how much she means to you…and then have her turn around and tell you she's leaving you for your drunk best friend with the yellow Pinto, bad breath and no job, and both of them are moving to Texas with your TV, stereo, CDs and DVDs. (No, nothing like that has ever happened to us…why do you ask?)

At a time when probably every other gaming site in the world is posting articles with the "Favorite Video-Game Love Stories" or "Best Use of Hearts in a Game," TeamXbox is taking a different approach. We're turning to look at the darker side of Xbox gaming with the biggest downers we've ever seen. It's not like Starland Vocal Band's "Afternoon Delight"; it's closer to J. Geils Band's "Love Stinks." While everyone else is lovingly discussing all the things that make them sentimental, we're focusing on the things that have driven us semi-mental."

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