Pure Zen: A Flower Review ( For a game that appears so simple, Flower feels incredibly poignant. There seems to be a weight of ideas behind it; some sort of message that isn't delivered through speech, but through a combination of vibrant colour, sound and a unique approach to gameplay.

Flower is beautiful in so many ways, the thousands of individual blades of grass that ripple in the breeze, the multitude of flowers, each one a bright spot of colour, that unfurl as your petals come into contact with them, the light the illuminates the countryside silhouetting the various rocks and structures, the sky, which on one level is a brilliant blue and on another a spectacular sunset red. These things combine through excellent art direction, to ensure that Flower is, aesthetically, a game that stands out amongst the crowds of grey shooters that are this generation's current graphical powerhouses. This is all the more impressive when you consider that Flower is at heart, a downloadable indie title.

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Clance3534d ago

Loved this game! More of this please, Sony!