First Ever Xbox 360 Homebrew... Running on Development Kit

An anonymous yet 'trusted developer' has been mailing around screenies of his port of the emulators MAME and ScummBM for the Xbox 360. The development and pictures were taken from a development kit, so really this isn't ready for any kind of 'mass' roll out. But who knows ..............?

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TheMART4248d ago

Yup and it all started at the German hackers convention at the end of december...

If you wouldn't have downloaded the 9th January update, you could try the exploit also... Too bad most of us did download it because of still being able to game online. But I bet the hackers will get it done for all of us to use homebrew and XBMC for the 360 and get all the power out of the box

A Wii emulator would be just fine :)