Millions and Millions

A year into the life-cycle of Sony's "wonderbar", also called PlayStation Portable, many assumed the multimedia all-rounder couldn't win the fight against the tremendously successful Nintendo DS. Especially after the Nintendo DS Lite hit the market, it was all but looking good for the PSP.

One big failure of the console was UMD. Though being supported by almost every major Hollywood studio, the format just didn't kick off the way Sony hoped. After all, playing games from the handheld's memory stick was – and still is – just more comfortable and sleek and that is even more true when talking of movies on the go. Who is crazy enough to actually buy a flick twice, once on UMD to watch on the go and once on DVD/Blu-Ray to consume at home, when ripping the film from the DVD to your PSP is such an easy thing to do!?

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