Honest Gamers: Retro Game Challenge Review

Honest Gamers writes: "You might not believe this, but when I say that Retro Game Challenge was made for people like me, I'm not just look for an excuse to tell you all about my early days of gaming. Now that we've gone into that uncomfortable territory, though, let's stay there for a bit and you'll have to take my word for it that I do have a point relevant to the game. Really I do.

In January of 1989, after months of campaigning on my part, my parents relented and purchased a Nintendo Entertainment System. My third-grade whining actually broke them before that, but rural Oregon life in the 1980s-as now-meant that games and hardware were scarce. Even early in the holiday shopping season when the competition was less fierce, finding an NES on store shelves in 1988 would've been like finding a Wii at an antiques store in 2008. My parents were always procrastinators".

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GWAVE3530d ago

Retro Game Challenge is like "WarioWare" for long-time gamers. Anyone with 10+ years of gaming under their belt owes it to themselves to try this game.