TVGB: Star Trek Online Executive Producer Interview

TVGB writes: "There have been a lot of reports speculating on just how good Star Trek Online is going to be when it is released this fall. We've covered the story with trailers, news, and footage of the race creator, but we at TVGB wanted a chance to speak with the developers ourselves in order to gain a better understanding of just how sweet our D-7 Class Battle cruiser could be.

Luckily, the people at Cryptic are very accommodating. At Comic Con, I sat down with Craig Zinkievich, Star Trek Online's executive producer. Being in charge of something as anticipated as ST Online is a heavy burden to bear, in that Zinkievich will probably be hated and loved by thousands of fans no matter what he does. Over the course of a half hour, we spoke about designing killer MMOs, what Craig really likes about Star Trek, and the inevitable death threats implicit in dealing with Trekkies".

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