Worth Playing: PS3 Review - Killzone 2

Worthplaying: There was a time when we all laughed at Sony and the PlayStation's supposedly "killer app," Killzone. The original game was a fair but derivative affair, plagued with dumb enemies, so-so graphics and just a whole lot of mediocrity. When it was announced in 2005 that Killzone 2 would eventually make an appearance on the PS3, many around the industry scoffed. Apparently the folks at Sony were a bunch of masochists, just waiting to take it on the chin once more with yet another blah game in a market already saturated with macho-man space marines fighting alien foes.

But Sony's not going to take it on the chin this time, no sir, because Killzone 2 is everything the original was hyped to be and more. PS3 owners can rejoice, for you finally have the game that might make all those Halo- andGears-loving fan boys shut their traps, if only for a moment.

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LarVanian3621d ago

Another great review.
Killzone 2 = Best FPS this gen.

NegativeCreep4273621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Don't get ahead of yourself...there is still Killzone 3 to look forward to this gen.

@ Dur

Dur GTFO of here. I think your babba with milk has now warmed up in the microwave.

We don't need to make any preferences regarding R2 or KZ2, or Insomniac or Guerilla. We have it all.

BLUR1113621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I thought resistance was the best?

Oh yeah that's right all you fanboys turned your back on insomiac XD

LOL PS3 bandwagoner's

LarVanian3621d ago

Lol at the jealous Xbot!

DavidMacDougall3621d ago

Resistance 2 is better than anything on 360 thats for sure but Killzone 2 is better than Resistance 2

redsquad3621d ago

Something can be the "best", then something else can come along, be better and then IT becomes the "best". Basic grasp of English chum!

NaiNaiNai3621d ago

DavidMacDougall0 if it was better, why didn't it score better than halo 3 *the POS of all shooters* why didn't it sell better, why doesn't it have more online players.

because the 360 is console FPS king, no matter how crappy it looks its still more fun then R2, KZ 2 looks great, but the WoW factor is not there from halos online.

Nineball21123621d ago

"but the WoW factor is not there from halos online."

WoW = Warmed over Weaksauce


BLUR1113621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

You people are so retarded you have to throw in a lame Xbox insult after I make a personal insult.

you fanboys need to grow up.

LarVanian3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Aww poor, poor jealous little Xbot is gonna cry.

EDIT- Wow blur is pretty pissed off lol
LMFAO he ran out of bubbles too. OWNED!

3621d ago
xerox3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

BLUR, if anything, you're the pathetic one.
And insulting me won't change that. If you hate the PS3 so much, then why do you have it?

Grow up. You've been reported for your offensive comment.


edit: Then leave. Nobody will miss you. I've seen your actions around here and it does not sound like how a true gamer would act. Don't talk about fanboys when you are one yourself.

Pennywise3621d ago

Blur noone cares if your daddy bought a PS3 too.... You are obviously a troll. You troll any PS3 article and bash anyone who likes the console.

Just because you own them both - so you say... doesnt mean you arent biased.

NegativeCreep4273621d ago

We all know you can't afford a PS3 on your $20 a week allowance and now with this talk of vaginas and not knowing what they taste like you are just painting a picture of yourself: some desperate little pimple-farm lonely boy who lives out his deepest fantasies (like making people believe he has personal game with females and isn't a 30-year old virgin)on the web.

I just nabbed a photo of blur, but I warn you it is not for the weak of heart.

nycredude3621d ago

Damn that is exactly the picture of Blurr I painted in my mind after reading his commments. Kind of spooky actually.

Funny how Blur calls every here fanboy and fake gamers and also expresses his hate for non gamers but reading through all his comments here there isn't anything there that can be considered gaming related. Hipocrite?

Pennywise3621d ago

omg negativecreep - that picture was WAY too funny.

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Sevir043621d ago

i simply cant wait to play this game.

Timberland2K93621d ago


na2ru13621d ago

someone saying, Killzone's sick bruv try the demo init. 1st time i realised they had ps3

dawq1123621d ago

im seeing the hype is going down for this game
sony needs to start advertising now.
it got a better score than gears 2

Pennywise3621d ago

Killzone 2 | PS3

Resident Evil 5 | Xbox 360

Yeah, no hype at all!! However, I DO agree... where are the commercials?

iCallShenanigans3621d ago

1.1 million pre orders in EU alone with NO advertising or commercials...

i think sony have a petty good idea what they are doing...

ape0073621d ago

it's a killer app

im at the 6th level

my god it's unbelievably awesome

truly amazing and awe inspiring,your jaw will hit the flore more times than you can count


sadly,mp is down,have to wait till feb.27 :)

wisso183621d ago

Wait till you play the last couple missions, it really gets more intense.

2FootYard3621d ago

OMG they didn't give it a ten. This site is clearly biased. Killzone 2 is the pinnacle of all videogames and there will never be another game like it and there never has been a game like it. It was designed by god himself. Anything less than a ten is blasphemy and these infidel reviewers will be doomed to Hell for eternity for their crimes.

Pennywise3621d ago

That joke will never get old right? Wrong.

redsquad3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Funny thing is, nobody said that EXCEPT you... flame flame flame flame

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