The Girls of Hack'n'Slash Video Games

The Hack 'n' Slash is an interesting genre for female gaming characters. To survive such vicious situations you'd expect them to be 6'11, muscles bulging out of their necks and wielding battle axes that'd make a Viking whimper. Strangely enough, however, people don't seem to find that kind of woman attractive, and subsequently very few games are made featuring them.

Instead, Hack 'n' Slash women retain the slim builds that is gaming custom, and must rely on sheer physical fitness and mental prowess to keep themselves safe from harm. Skilful acrobatics, lethality with guns, or just really, really big knives: these girls utilise them all while driving back the forces of evil. And considering how little clothing some of them wear; the less they enemy hit them, the better.

The article has a look at some Girls of the Hack 'n' Slash now - or at least the few the author has come across during his gaming career - and see how we view them and their slightly psychopathic tendencies. (Keep your hands where we can see them, or you're likely to lose them!)

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Sevir043558d ago

that game made history for me as it was the first game in years to ever get me emotionally attached and engrossed in the story. I nearly cried when *SPOILER ALERT* SISSORTAIL dropped Kai from noose, hearing Nariko scream at the sight of that really was an emotional experience. I simply held my chest when i saw that.

Superb voice acting, Motion-cap, excellent gameplay and amazing engrossing story. Sony needs to hurry up and give us HS2 because it'll be awesome.
Maybe they can hand the series over to Sony Santa Monica Studio's

chrisnick3558d ago

short.....but freakin awesome...not even a rumor of heavenly sword 2 though.....dissappointing.

JayX6663558d ago

There was a comment on N4G confirming there wasn't going to be a heavenly sword 2, at least not in the near future. Feel free to correct me if im wrong.