IncGamers: House of the Dead Interview

IncGamers talk to Hothead Studio, the team behind recently released House of the Dead: Overkill.

Discussing art style, content and story, IncGamers explores the advantages and disadvantages of bringing a light shooter to the Wii platform.

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Maticus4627d ago

It looks awesome to be honest. Can't wait to get my hands on it, will be great for a fun night in.

Leord4627d ago

I think the Wii platform can be used for so much more than sports games etc, since that's what it's most known for. More shooters for the wii! ;)

thetamer4627d ago

Yeah, the Wii is such a versatile platform

AndyA4627d ago

I think we'll see more and more hardcore titles on the Wii, especially after the battering Nintendo took at last year's E3.

Dorjan4627d ago

I loved it! Funky music and at last a cool game for the wii!

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