Solid Snake Goes Platinum Next Month

Console Monster writes: "Konami has announced today that it plans to release one of Sony's hit titles for its PlayStation 3 console - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as a budget title this March. The budget title will be released as part of the Platinum range from March 5th.

Retailing at 29,95 Euro (that's around £26 of The Queen's currency), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots returns following an incredible period as a full-price title. The game saw over three million copies shipped on its release in June 2008 and has won a host of illustrious awards all over the globe, and its continued success saw sales of the long-running Metal Gear series top
26.5 million units..."

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PirateThom3534d ago

I started my 6th playthrough last night (this time as "Young Snake w/Bandana").... and ended up playing until 6am this morning. The game is as fresh as when it was first released.

Hopefully more people will pick it up, because it's sublime.

cloudkev3534d ago

you think theres no chance of trophys then.thats the only thing stopping me from doing it again, would be my sixth time too.

PotNoodle3534d ago

^^ I'm on my 18th playthrough and not just because i know there might not be trophies coming, but because i love playing the game.

DaTruth3534d ago

Bu, bu, but, Playstation excluzivez don't sales millions, their teh flop!

Bu, bu, but, MGZ4 iz teh movie not teh game!

GVON3534d ago

I know what you mean,I started it for the first time since November and played it different because of the weapons,and the fact I'm going through and trying not to kill anything

jammy_703534d ago

does that mean trophies for it? it shud but i duno, sony said every game in 09 will have trophies right? well this shud :):) maybe.....

Foxgod3534d ago

Well, if they port it il pick it up, i am sure more people would.

PirateThom3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

They won't port it to a Microsoft platform.

Too many Apple and Sony references, too many cuts and downgrades to the core content of the game. A lot of "non-Microsoft" advertising, basically.

Do you have a Mac? They might port it there.

IdleLeeSiuLung3534d ago

I'm confused, why talk about ports? Isn't the article talking about MGS4 for the PS3?

Anyhow, I'm suprised this title went budget so soon. This was and probably still is the PS3's best title. Is it not selling well? I mean, if it sold 4-5 million to date, why make it budget?

I guess I shouldn't question a good thing....

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STONEY43534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I hope they release this as a "Substance" version of the game, like Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance.

ape0073534d ago

trophies rock

im half way through the game on big boss extreem


Kushan3534d ago

Call me cynical, but I reckon if we're going to see trophies, it'll be in a "substance" version of the game.

Lombax3534d ago

They are talking about the game getting a price cut. A price cut is not a release, so it is not required to have trophies.

Now if they release MGS4:Subsistence (or whatever they decide to call it) that would be considered a new release.

Zeus Lee3534d ago

Going to pick this up again,best game of this gen without a doubt.

Anonymous Coward3534d ago

If it was so good, why did you get rid of it?

silvacrest3534d ago

im guessing money

its the reason most of us do anything really...

Itrguy0013534d ago

ppl sell a lot of good and old games to make back quick money. just look at eBay

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The story is too old to be commented.