Nintendo says "one surprise coming to Wii Shop Channel"

Embedded in this week's Wii Shop Channel press release, Nintendo states that there is a surprise coming to the Wii Shop Channel.

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Smacktard3534d ago

Ooh, sounds like the surprise will be exciting. Hope it's good!

Andronix3534d ago

One game I'm still waiting for Nintendo to put on the virtual console is Pilotwings 64.It had great playability, and back in the day I used to love hang-gliding near the lighthouse against the backdrop of a sunset red sky. Why the hold up? I bet i'm not the only one who wants to play this classic again!

jedistev3534d ago

NO Doubt!!!!!

or Super Mario Paint

ChickeyCantor3534d ago

I think its a game where you actually use the Wii-mote.
So yeah I vote for Mario Paint too =D.

Maxned3534d ago

Its neither.. go to and they tell you the hints for each game. I never played Earthbound but I am quite sure that it is not Earthbound in Nintendo's little hints.

commando343534d ago

I'm getting excited about the wii again! If this is anything less exciting than the creation of Nintendo, I'm going to be mad.

pcz3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

a good surprise would be dvd playback or a new virtual console, like the dreamcast. mario paint or earthbound is what we should expect on the virtual console, not be surprised to see.

GOLDENEYE! now that would be a surprise. forget conduit! i'd make do with goldeneye on the virtual console.

razorbladelight3534d ago

and it would be one of Nintendo's few surprises that actually left me with a smile afte rthey announced it

dragunrising3534d ago

I just want the SD card update and expanded support for larger size cards...

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The story is too old to be commented.