First screen shots of Rebel Racing 3D for Xbox 360

We have just been contacted by Vander from Imersiva and I am happy to be able to bring you the first screen shots of Rebel Racing 3D. Not only that but you can also play a preview of the game online at;

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belal3534d ago

but if this is going to compete with wipout, it has A VEEEEEEEEEEERY LOOOOOOOONG WAY TO GO!

just look at the graphics loooool

and it plays really bad!


Emmo3534d ago

It's a XBLCG I don't think it is meant to compete with Wipeout

outlawlife3534d ago

it is a user made game...

Foxgod3534d ago

Hey, its still better looking then God of war 3.

Emmo3534d ago

It's a very small indie company, I don't know much about them, but most XBLCG are one or two men operations.

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Fishy Fingers3534d ago

Probably one of the more "complete" community games I've seen but still terribly ugly.

Emmo3534d ago

You can download a playable preview - the link is on the article

jahcure3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

On PSN they have everyday shooter from a ONE man team, indie ..CG..whatever you wanna call it. On XBL we get this? Now fanboys going crazy for it? what has gaming come to

Insomnia_843534d ago

the desire of having a PS3 game (wipeout)

PotNoodle3534d ago

Looks like wipEout and flower had a baby :P

II Necroplasm II3534d ago

it is a community game. of course it's not going to look that great

zeph943534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Wipeout >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>> This sh**

Emmo3534d ago

Don't forget that this will only cost a few hundred MS points

ambientFLIER3534d ago

Omg, wipeout is better, really??? Wow, thanks for letting us know. I don't remember wipeout being a community game.

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The story is too old to be commented.