PS3 Motion control "messy" says EA

Jay Balmer, associate producer for EA's new skateboarding sim entitled Skate, told CVG: "If you're well-behaved with the controller, the motion control will be super cool. It won't just be steering [in Skate]; we're going to put a lot more into the motion controls than just steering," speaking of the inclusion of motion control in the PS3 version of Skate.

"But it's very messy," he goes on to say, referring to motion control as an interface.

"All of the sensors are active and all reporting information at the time, so we really have to find a way to filter what comes through on the motion controls so that everyone can have fun with them. "Like I said if you're well behaved with the controls they work great but if you're jerky or jumping around the signal becomes very messy," as Wii owners will probably have frustratingly found when toying with their new console.

"It's the reality for the Wii, as it is for the PS3," says Balmer.

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fixrox4434d ago

There seems to be so much negative hype about the PS3 and now publishers are calling the controls "messy"? Man, this isn't looking good.

Bleyd4434d ago

They're referring to the massive amounts of information coming from the controller as you're jumping around and flailing about. They're having a hard time getting the motion control to be exactly what they want it to be because there's a lot of human error in motion going on. The people are moving around too much or in the wrong direction or whatever as they play the game and they're having trouble getting it under control.

techie4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

DCRider I kind of reject the title, since in the article he says that all motion control is messy...

I think what the article was saying is that each sensor in motion control recieves signals and that the software to filter this is not up to scratch. So it's hard to make the character do what you want it to (at the developer stage)

Anyway we do know the ps3 sixaxis isn't as good as the wii controllers...but still...

BrotherSic4434d ago

I agree, i didnt approve the story as the text is taken out of context. He is basically saying its messy if you naturally move the controller during the game without wanting to use motion control.

ER1X4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

We're giving excuses to consumer's now so when we fk it up you can blame Sony instead of us.

EA sucks. Period.

Adriokor4434d ago

Taken out of context, anyway I think what he is trying to say is that it takes getting used to being able to use the controller properly. But if you figure it out, it can be pretty fun.

fixrox4434d ago

I don't see how its taken out-out-context at all. he's pretty much saying you have to sit there as still as possible with the controller for it to be an enjoyable experience. In the marketing for the wii and sixaxis it's all about being interactive and moving around, and now publishers are saying you have to "well-behaved" what does that even mean?

Bleyd4434d ago

It means that you can't be moving the controller around spastically as you try to do other things in the game. You have to remain conscious of where the controller is and how it's being moved at all times.

smeg0rz4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

they cant make games, there for their voices are not valid, period.

Start making some good games, and I might listen to your opinions, until then, continue publishing good titles.. and maybe improve your 1st party offerings, nob jockeys.

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The story is too old to be commented.