Richard Joseph dies

Gaming audio legend Richard Joseph died yesterday at the age of 53, following a short battle against lung cancer.

Joseph was responsible for an incredible list of British-developed videogaming classics over the past twenty years, including Sensible Soccer, The Chaos Engine and Cannon Fodder.

Close friend Jon Hare revealed the tragic news to Eurogamer this morning, and described Joseph as "one of my closest friends."

"He was one the pioneering British computer gaming musicians - and one of the best," added Hare.

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DC RID3R4245d ago

Richard, I used to play the hell out of cannon fodder on my Amiga 500.


smeg0rz4245d ago

People like this are a true gem to video game culture... Rest in peace dude

Bullseye4245d ago

Another name is added to video games history.

Antan4245d ago

Along with my colleague, Richard Joesph was a huge force in good old Amiga days. From his work with Sensible Software, Millenium and of course the Bitmap Brothers. He had a unique sound which i guess made him stand out from the crowd. He will be sadly missed in the industry.