Capcom brings Pay per Play to Monster Hunter Wii

LiveWii : "Capcom has just announced that online gaming for Monster Hunter G will be paying. Price is not yet fixed, but there is actually no doubt they could bring that system to Monster Hunter Tri."

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Myst3531d ago

"You will agree, except for the banker Blizzard, payment for online access to the game a MMORPG is not what he does best. And today a new tomb, which may surprise many, but which will the capitalist sleeping behind every Wii sold. Capcom confirms that the online will be paying for Wiimake Monster Hunter G.

And if this preferential treatment is currently only available to Japanese portfolios - the G point for focusing initially on the islands - it would be surprising not to see such a process will repeat for Monster Hunter Tri cost of development is necessarily more expensive.

Capcom has announced that it would reveal the price later in order to access this virtual Eden where hunting and friendship mingle amidst burnt carcasses of monsters little tame. And this should fall before the release of Monster Hunter G set for April 23."

Myst3531d ago

I don't know, their were quite a few pay to play Monster Hunter's in Japan so far we have been lucky as to not get one (In the U.S.) if they do change this I wonder how they would incorporate it into the system and work with it, I'm also wondering if the servers will be just as good because we will be paying for them :).

AnthonyB3531d ago

Thanks Nuri. I couldn't edit the url with that bad babelfish translator.

Anyway, let's hope as you said that Capcom will offer good servers with no lag, downloadable content and more stuff.

Myst3531d ago

No worries :).

Yeah I'm hoping for that downloadable content the most, and I think that they will probably do something like that similar to Freedom 2. Though I hope they won't stop with the Downloadable content like they did with the game. Really hoping for that little to no lag as well :).