OXM UK: Backwards compatibility - Do any of you still care?

Ryan King writes: "I moved flat yesterday and to cut down on the clutter that I'd end up binning in my new flat anyway, I decided to throw as much stuff out as possible. Anything I wasn't too sure about keeping, I'd bin. Which left me in an odd position when it came to my old Xbox games.

First off, I don't know if any of you have ever gone through the trials and tribulations of moving (or even completely changing the layout of your room) but DVDs and games weigh a ton.

After finishing university in Southampton, I was between jobs and ended up moving seven times in two months. The lesson I learnt from those two months was never to buy another book ever again because they are FAR too heavy for their size. Everytime I moved, I gave away more and more books until I had none left. Right now, I own a grand total of two books..."

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