Is Street Fighter IV Sold Out In Japan? Not Quite...


"When I read this item about Street Fighter IV being sold out in Japan on Capcom's blog (thanks Daniel from Facebook), I was pretty surprised.

Originally Posted by Capcom's Community Blog
"The numbers being quoted some places are off based on what I've been told, but the real story is that SFIV is not "selling well" but is in fact SOLD OUT in Japan.
There ARE no more copies to sell on the store shelves."

I was especially confused because, for a game that is completely sold out and with no copies to sell anywhere, I had no problem picking up a copy yesterday from my local game shop. In fact, I saw a a full box of Street Fighter IV games. Well, I guess it is possible (although highly unlikely) that in the last 24 hours, every copy in the country was gobbled up. Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to spend 5 minutes investigating."

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Stryfeno24626d ago

Reports of Street Fighter IV Sell Out in Japan Greatly Exaggerated

gambare4625d ago

yup... there are plenty of 360 copies, they only sold out the PS3 ones ;)

Stryfeno24625d ago

I see someone failed to read the article.

samura4626d ago

You cannot track every single store.

I think they meant the major ones.

Rock Bottom4625d ago

Or maybe, day one shipment have been sold out, and those stores have restocked...

Any way, I don't really care for that, SFIV looks awesome and I can't wait to put my hand on it.

Kushan4625d ago

Seems like a strange thing to debate about. Why not just wait until the official sales stats come in next month?

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