Rumor: EALA gain Crysis engine for C&C FPS title?

A recent internal meeting at EALA revealed that the company would be using the newly made Crysis engine to create an upcoming FPS game that is currently in development.

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grifter0244247d ago

WOW this is good news for everyone... I mean crysis might no come to consoles hopefully it does but now if it doesnt their already is a new game in development that uses their engine the cry engine!! Whats funny though is it's a FPS and every SonyFanboy says 360 has FPS fever so I guess we can rule that this game is coming to Xb0x360!! Hopefully it goes to the other consoles but since we have a lot of FPS's I would assume it would come to 360... Just cant wait till I see some INgame Footate.

sloth4urluv4247d ago

Early image of the GDI Infantry Barracks