Street Fighter IV sold out in Japan

The latest word from Capcom is that Street Fighter IV has sold out in Japan. The game was released in Japan on the 12th of February but Capcom has confirmed that "There ARE no more copies to sell on the store shelves."

According to a post on Capcom's blog, "Capcom has a few boxes left in the basement that they'll be sending out on Monday, but they were totally overwhelmed by the demand. Sales couldn't have been any higher because every single day-one copy in the stores was been sold." However, never fear because Capcom has reassured fans that there are more copies in existence.

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360 man3536d ago

all thanks to the xbox 360

EDIT: nah im jus playin

LeGenDx3536d ago

to you capcom.. now give us some classic megaman legend! ..

Foxgod3536d ago

I am glad the Japanese at least got some taste left.

Fakes3536d ago

I think its mostly ps3 copies that are selling because 360 is almost non-existent in Japan.

Kushan3535d ago

"Sold out" implies it's sold out on both consoles.

ceedubya93536d ago

The good news is that Capcom is seeing that fans do still care about the Street Fighter franchise. As long as it does well everwhere else, then we are sure to see another sequel in the future, or continued support for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.