Can Killzone 2 change gamers' attitude towards to the PS3?

PS3 Attitude writes: "We already discussed what the 'Killzone 2 effect' might mean to developers, but what does does it do to and for the gamer?

For a long time now there has been a general feeling across the gaming community - and the majority of the press - that if the PS3 is the most powerful console on the market today, then we have yet to see any proof. Has that now changed?"

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Jaces3625d ago

All depends on if the fanboys can let down their guard for once and see a great game for what it really is....a great game.

jammy_703625d ago

the ps3 can do this (k2) so lets match it with future games...

and there you go....

nix3625d ago

well said. only those who will die rather than touch PS3 will not want to play this game.

but you'll have to look at it this way... it's not KZ2 alone that's going to make people buy PS3, it's going to be the combination of other first titles too like GOW3, Uncharted1/2, GT5, LBP, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Motorstorm1/2, Heavenly Sword (probably the most underrated PS3 game) etc... Sony is trying to use KZ2 and it's effect to show other future games... no wonder there was a media blowout of Uncharted2 and GOW3 recently. next two weeks we might have other games to talk about. So what Sony is doing is that it's trying to bombard the consumer with great games infos to make them realise why it's worth PS3.

but yes.. KZ2 has made people open their eyes no matter how tightly shut they were before when it comes to PS3. KZ2 will help catpult PS3 higher than it was before and it will soon be followed by Uncharted2, Heavy Rain, GOW3, GT5 etc...

AngryHippo3625d ago

...a great game, is a great game, regardless of console. Killzone 2 is exactly that, a great game, deserving of the great scores its been getting and I will be definitely picking this up day one.


i agree with you... but what you said about letting you guard down can swing both ways.

its just like most ps3 fans cannot accept that halo is a great game ( oh and i didn't like halo 3 that much )

i play on the 360 a lot more, but even i have been telling my friends to try and give killzone 2 a try if they can. 2 of my friends have now bought ps3's because of my recommendation. one of them tried the demo and didn't like it at all, but it shows that people can be open to it.

it will take more then just killzone though.. i am looking forward to killzone 2, but i am not as hyped for it as i thought i would be after playing the demo.

the game that i really have my eye on is Wardevil. i really want that game

SixTwoTwo3625d ago

Not going to happen. Fanboys will do what fanboys do. Find another reason to hate =X

Pebz3625d ago

It says gamers, not fanboys. Proper fanboys (to me, there is a big difference between fan and fanboy) probably enjoy review scores and metacritic averages more than the actual games.

Also, the PS3 doesn't need "that one game", it has plenty of great games, it's basically just the price holding it back.

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yoghurt3625d ago

It can change 'gamers' attitudes towards the PS3, but unfortunately can do nothing for the fanboys who refuse to like anything PS3 just for the sake of it.

N4360G3625d ago

It already has and will,it's just too bad for the hardcore Xbox fanboys that would rather die than play the PS3.Oh well,it's there loss.Killzone 2 is only 11 days away,I can't wait!!

nix3625d ago

there was this other guy who had "n4ps3g"... and i couldn't help my self wonder if he was telling the truth because all i see is PS3 section filled with games news (remember KZ2 had held n4g hostage, now it's Unchated 2 and GOW3)... and 360 filled with sales news.

fafoon3625d ago

Its them that are missing out
Not Me

byeGollum3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Why should i care how they feel about ps3? . . .

IWentBrokeForGaming3625d ago

of both MS and Sony need to change and both need to STFU and learn to embrace both consoles!. Cause being alligned with a single console is horrible, when the competition also offers great games!. The sickening attitudes and bickering towards PS3 are just as bad if not worse for the 360. Everyone just needs to STFU and enjoy the great games that are available for both!

achira3625d ago

why should i buy a 360 if i can play all the games of it on my ps3 and pc? ps3 exclusives a ps3 exclusive, this cant be said about the 360, so there is no use for it.

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