Nintendo is Right, But They Don't Get It Either


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the most popular games released this generation, and was released on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. On both consoles, it is still played by millions online, and with local multiplayer. Even allotting for the fact that every First Person Shooter developer to date so far (Including High Voltage Software with their upcoming The Conduit) has avoided split screen multiplayer on the Wii like the plague, (and a Wii version likely wouldn't have had it), the biggest reason why this game wouldn't have been nearly as popular on the console as the others is the fact that Nintendo's online policy hurts developers by lessening the appeal of certain games to the target audience.

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ChickeyCantor3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I agree, Nintendo has always been about families and such, but the way they handle online is nonsensical.

They have this good parental system, and yet don't make use of it. Like the writer said why do they have to punish us all for it?
It annoys me that unlike the Ps3 or 360 its harder to play online on the Wii.

Yes Mario Kart did a great job! but i want to add friends or rivals while im waiting in a lobby or whatever. I want to communicate when i play a game like Batallion wars II.

I just hope F-zero will have a great online mode...T_T.

I'm usually not that type who plays online allot, but when i do i don't want a system that is so limited that it actually turns me away from playing online. Nintendo needs to step up with this one, its all that most gamers and developers ask for.

However Nintendo did say that they don't believe in the 5 year cycle anymore. If thats really what they believe, then i expect patches and updates to their service. Meh.

edit edit:
Lol at disagree, =) explain would you please.

wiizy3532d ago

awww. ...and this article is coming from hd warriors....? they actually had enough time away from pretending the girls on their hd tvs are live in their rooms to write an article. nintendo gets it, they realize what needed to be done to expand gaming and the sales shows it.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago

" they realize what needed to be done to expand gaming and the sales shows it. "

However this doesn't mean its "complete". Nintendo did a great job at expanding the audience, but by no means are they perfect.

Their online system is weak and we all know it, even you know it.
Yes it allows gamers to play online but it doesn't come with the most common/basic things like communication.

Yes we have Wii-speak, but that only works with F-codes.
Don't be an idiot by bashing this writer, cause he has a really good point. Nintendo needs to shape up on their online part.

gametheory3532d ago

Not only did I think Nintendo fanboys were non-existent, I thought they cared about games, not sales, but it seems that I was wrong.

Wiizy, enjoy your sales, moron.

TruthbeTold3532d ago

You might want to actually read articles in the future before you make such comments. :p

TheMART3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Its simple. Wii sells to non gamers. That targetgroup is completely new. People that are over 40 to 50 year old also buy a Wii now for when kids from their own kids come over.

Nintendo just found a new Blue Ocean. But they sell less and less in the original targetgroup of gamers.

Fact is the new Blue Ocean has a larger group to sell to. Thats smart.

I just hope Sony and/or Microsoft stay there for the real gamer. Otherwise its back to PC gaming again next gen I guess...

For the 'Blue Ocean Strategy' check the video interview with the person that wrote a book about it. In English:

FinalomegaS3532d ago

But somehow Nintendo must honestly think the F-codes are the safest way so their system doesn't get branded Ala X360 (numerous charges have been risen of of late even heard of one on Home).

We can all complain and yell, but they have to cover their butts also. And remember they have the larger children user base, this could be the Utopia for those child offenders... one must think of both sides for this one.

Think we need them to create a more advance parental system.

and must be in force when the system is bought.

ChickeyCantor3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Thats the thing all they have to do is if the parental lock is on, the F-codes will kick in. If its turned off we have a full fledged online system.

Its not that hard! considering the fact they had DLC for the SNES with voice acting ( no I sh/t you not).
Nintendo can't say they don't have great coders on board.

Sitdown3532d ago

but got correct me if I repeat the article. Here we go...I would think that those that would be interested in COD or other titles...would probably not just own the Wii, but also either the ps3 or 360...and as a result...9 times out of 10...or perhaps even higher, will usually choose the 360/ps3 version over the Wii. I would think the 360/ps3 would usually have the edge...and their friends that are also interested in such games might be more likely to own a ps3/360 as well.

TruthbeTold3532d ago

it is primarily about how that system handcuffs 3rd party developers, and keeps them from putting their "Best Content" on the Wii as Reggie claimed they should be doing.

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