Edge Review: Halo Wars: The Edge Verdict

Edge writes: "Ensemble Studios isn't the first developer to set about reinventing the PC realtime strategy genre on a console but, as Halo Wars' first firecracker of a mission makes clear, rarely has the result felt so immediately different.

You begin by tearing deep into Covenant territory in a Warthog, rescuing marine squadrons left, right and centre, banking from side to side as you dodge sticky grenades with unusual speed and precision of control. One button selects your vehicle, another tells it where to go and what to ram into, Grunts wheeling off high into the snowy air to a rolling timpani as you broadside them."

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Raider693535d ago

another great and well righting review!well done edge staff!

GameGambits3534d ago

I would really want to see a Halo fanboy that really does think this game is worthy of more than a 7/10. If they think so then I want to see them spend a ton of time playing it.

When the Killzone 2 review came out it just didn't read right. They didn't state WHAT and WHY it exactly got knocked off 3 points from a 10 for. You can't just slap a number out after giving a game praise to not justify the negatives with your point deductions.

Either way though, it's not a big surprise that Halo Wars isn't well recieved by anyone. Tom Clancy's End War was a better try at a RTS on a console than this.

K-Gamer3534d ago

according to EDGE

HotD > Killzone2 = Halo wars.

Just no.

Immortal Kaim3534d ago

Oh god Fanboys are hilarious... You can't be serious... This review is spot on whilst the Killzone 2 review is completely biased? Now I know what I'm dealing with, a bunch of lunatics with absolutely no grip on reality.

Guess what though, this review is spot on, just like their Killzone 2 review. You know why, because it is their opinion. 7/10 is a decent score as well btw.

Capt CHAOS3534d ago

But we won't shove it down your gob or moan about it all week..

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edhe3534d ago

The number is arbitrary, read the reviews.

NicCageMYHero3534d ago

First, have you played the HW demo? I played it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just as I thoroughly enjoyed the Killzone demo. To me, both games deserve 8.8-9.2 out of 10. They are different but both very good. I will spend a ton of time playing both games, thanks.

"Either way though, it's not a big surprise that Halo Wars isn't well recieved by anyone."

WHAT? OXM and Game Informer both gave it 9 of 10 and Edge gave it a 7. Where are you getting your facts from.

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GWAVE3534d ago

This Edge review shows two things:

To PS3 owners, it shows that Edge doesn't explicitly hate the PS3. They just hate ALL games and want to spout their elitist opinion.

To 360 owners, it shows that Edge really is a crap source for reviews, even if your "enemy" -- the PS3 -- has been receiving bad scores from them.

green3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

We have known this for along time, after all they gave Bioshock an 8(the only 8 the game got), Mass Effect a 7 and Gear 1 an 8.But nooooo they are biased when they mark down Sony games.

Check the responses in EDGE's review of Fable 2 from Sony fanboys and also my response to isaac.

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Kaliumhest3534d ago

I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

I only own a PS3.

It's just becoming more clear how useless the Edge magazine is :)

Giving great games like HW and KZ2 lower scores than they deserve just to get more hits.

Edge is TRASH :) Don't give them more hits. Thank you.

Danja3534d ago

I did try the Halo Wars demo last was rather easy and accessible to get into , but im not a RTS fan at all...good score none the less the finally made a good RTS for consoles..

No Way3534d ago

I think it deserves more than a Seven(7), and I'm not even a Halo fanboy. =)

The game worked and played extremely well, especially for a console RTS.
And, not to mention, Ensemble payed close attention to small details.
For example, like the way the Warthog moves.

Spydiggity3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

7/10??? rabble rabble rabble!!! These guys are such ps3 fanboys. i guess their check from sony came in. OMG they are so bias. rabble rabble!!

any of this sound familiar ps3 owners?

edit: i should add that i think this game does deserve about a 7 and i completely agree with the review. just like i completely agreed with their review of killzone. a 7 out of 10 isn't bad. edge is one of the few reviewers that seems to have a real grading scale. every other site seems to start at 9.

Tapewurm3534d ago

Just looking down at the scores.... MGS4 an 8 and Resistance 2 a 6...and bless those babies giving Killzone 2 a 7. Rest assured that every morning and every afternoon...the shortbus drops off and picks up these turds from work. :)

SiLeNt KNighT3534d ago

when i see the word Edge i laugh

they are clowns not reviewers.

xwabbit3534d ago

Like i said b4.... edge is becoming a joke now.... they gave banjo and kazooie an 8 and that game had plenty of probs.

TheDude2dot03534d ago

RTS games are really hard to do on the consoles. If this was on the PC I'm sure it would be better.

BRG90003534d ago

Disagreed with you because you called it "Banjo and Kazooie" and pretended you knew what you were talking about.

And now back to our regularly scheduled fanboy bashfest.

JoySticksFTW3534d ago

as in, "See PS3 fans... We're not biased. We treat all systems fairly by spreading our crappy reviews evenly!"

BRG90003534d ago

Disagrees? Do people not realize the name of the game is "Banjo-Kazooie", not "Banjo and Kazooie"? It's not a big deal, I just consider that a dead giveaway that someone hasn't actually played the game.

GiantEnemyCrab3534d ago

"Either way though, it's not a big surprise that Halo Wars isn't well recieved by anyone."

Sorry man, but it's being well received by lots of people. I hate RTS! But this game has actually got me playing one, that is a good thing in my book. I will be buying Halo Wars and I would never consider an RTS before.

2 90's and one 70 from Edge seems like they are in the minority.

edgeofblade3534d ago

@Green: Bioshock is better than Killzone 2... I have to agree with Edge on that one.

Kushan3534d ago

Call me crazy, but I think Edge might just have a bit of sense behind them.
The 0-10 scale most magazines use is, quite simply, broken. 10 should be perfect and 5 or 6 should be average, but for some reason 8 is average and 7 is really bad? I don't think so.
I think many, many games are grossly overrated, I can honestly say I don't think I've played a 10/10 game in years, on any platform.

Basically, I think it should work like this:

6 - Completely average, nothing special, the kind of game you buy when you've nothing left to play, but you'll still have a decent time with if you like the genre
7 - Should be GOOD games, games that people who like the genre will definitely enjoy, but aren't necessarily anything revolutionary or new.
8 - A great game with a few flaws. Maybe it has some bugs, maybe it has some poor design choices, but it's a solid game and worthy of your collection.
9 - A truly great game, the AAA titles of the day, the ones that set themselves ahead of the Genre. I'm talking your MGSs, your Final Fantasies, your Zeldas, your Marios, you know the ones people will go back to 5 and 10 years from now to play. They're not perfect, but they sure cut it close.
10 - The DEFINITE must-buy games. The kind of games that define an entire generation, the games that people buy and keep forever, the games that only come by once every few years. I'm talking FF7 and Ocarina of Time, here.

You might disagree with me on the exact layout of it, but I think you can agree that the 8/9/10 system we have today is just too close together.

Exquisik3534d ago

Did Halo Wars got delayed? I remember seeing it for released on the 24th of this month (For damn sure it was in February), but now that I checked on Amazon (going to preorder it), it said March 3rd. I even checked gamestop and they said March 3rd as well. Did I missed something?

uxo223534d ago

I played the Halowars Demo, And I loved it. I am definitely going to get it. I also plan on getting Killzone II. But, I will have to say, I enjoyed the Halowars demo more than I did killzone.

Perhaps, it's because I play so many shooters that for me KZ is all in all just another shooter to me. The only other RTZ I have played is the command and conquer series, and I think I like to controllers and feel better on halowars.

Once again just my opinion.

IdleLeeSiuLung3534d ago

This must be one of them MS biased reviews we keep hearing about from Edge. /sarcasm

On another note, I personally like the school grading system, A, B C and so on.... This kind of sucks though for non-US readers though as they might not be as familiar with it.

Skizelli3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I completely agree with Immortal Kaim. So what if HW got the same score as KZ2? They're two different genres. It means absolutely nothing. And besides, I'm a huge fan of both the Halo franchise and the RTS genre but can say without any bias to either that if this weren't a Halo game, it wouldn't be anything spectacular as far as a console RTS is concerned (judging by the demo).

I also happen to be a huge fan of the FPS genre, and the KZ2 demo did nothing for me. But that's just MY opinion. What makes yours so much better than mine? I don't know why anybody worries so much about reviews and opinions. Why let those dictate anything? It won't stop me from enjoying something that isn't popular to the masses. EDGE isn't staffed by a bunch of idiots. The only idiots here are the people whining about what EDGE or anyone else thinks when it doesn't meet their approval. Play what you like and shut up already.

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lelo3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Well ... i think X360 fanboys should do the same as PS3 fanboys. Fill the internet and N4G with crappie articles, bash the site, complain, whine, call them biased, burn them and beat the crap out of Edge because they gave Halo Wars a 7.

LOL :)

LeGenDx3534d ago

if halo an gears got a 7 or lower. hmm

WhoaMan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

edge are now ps3 fanboys :D

P4KY B3534d ago

Halo set the bar which has yet to be beaten. And I include KZ2 in that statement.

Halo introduced many innovative features which are only now becoming standard.

Uploading pictures to the web.
Recording videos of everything you do.
4 player co-op.

Ok, KZ2 has better graphics but its beaten on the aforementioned points and weapon design.

LeGenDx3534d ago

what did halo do that counter-strike/half life/doom/unreal/ didnt already do ? im just curious... did halo introduce rocket launchers... theres a thing for counterstrike.. i think its called fragtv? where you can record everything you do etc etc.. same can be said about killzone..

Ghoul3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

p4ky B

Kids like you are the reason for all the annoying fanboy submissions here.

"Uploading pictures to the web. - screenshot submission WOW im impressed......

Recording videos of everything you do. - done that since years and even cs has a compelte fragtv program where others can join and watch ESL or privat matches with up to thousands of spectators.

4 player co-op - only to name one very old game diablo on pc or for example No one lives forever 2 released 2002?? coop for years.

Forge - map editor and a very weak one too you can only place items, ive been making community maps for all kinda games for years on my pc

everything Halo does is a good package and certainly the flagship of console fps gaming, but its FAAAR from innovative or beeing the no.1 shooter.

When Halo 1 came out it was nothing but a rip off of all the current pc shooters. BUT they did an awesomejob in programming the pad.

BTW any of you guys know goldeneye ?????
it was WAAAAAY before halo and for me the TRUE console fps pioneer. But i bet xbox fans are to blind to admit it.

P4KY B3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

both LeGenDx and Ghoul can only argue using PC games.

Halo was the first to do these things on a console and rightfully deserves the acclaim it got for doing so.

and yeah Goldeneye rocked, nobody said it didn't.
But it didn't have 4 player online co-op, video recordings, screenshot uploads, forge, etc.
Goleneye has been improved upon, Halo hasn't yet

Ghoul3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

p4ky you proofed that your a fanboy

im talking about GAMES not f...g plattforms ffs. Im getting really annoyed about you guys. Im a gamer I GAME for fun.

You certainly have some problem with the camps you think you gotta attack / defend. Grow up mate get a job and buy the other systems.

please read "everything Halo does is a good package and certainly the flagship of console fps gaming, but its FAAAR from innovative or beeing the no.1 shooter." I do admit its the flagship on consoles, but you guys allways act like its the masterpiece of all fps.

the things you write is what people annoy
"Halo set the bar which has yet to be beaten. And I include KZ2 in that statement."

DOOM/Quake/hl1+2/crysis these are the shooters that innovated and started new things, halo didnt sorry.

"Halo introduced many innovative features which are only now becoming standard. "

Again a totally false claim, as i posted above they only implemented it into halo, wich certainly is great i totally like halo, but its not what you guys want it to be

nix3534d ago

360 fanboys complaining? i doubt that dude. they haven't complained about RROD and now treats it as if its their little sister. i wonder they will ever complain. plus it's RTS game. not many are interested unless one is a blind Halo fan.

P4KY B3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

If your talking all platforms then Halo Wars doesn't even deserve a 7.

Every RTS i've played on the PC is better.
Yuris Revenge
Generals Zero Hour
Even older games like K240 on the Amiga had more strategic depth.

And as far as FPS's go on all platforms my favorite would be AvP on the PC. The best atmosphere ever until they patched it to allow mid-level saves.

Ghoul3534d ago

there i have to agree

And as far as FPS's go on all platforms my favorite would be AvP on the PC

awesome game

Cartesian3D3534d ago

"Every RTS i've played on the PC is better.
Yuris Revenge
Generals Zero Hour
Even older games like K240 on the Amiga had more strategic depth."

you didnt play Starcraft,Warcraft 3 :RoC and TFT ? lol :P .. so you should play them , because otherwise you will think HALO WARS is the best RTS too(like HALO FPS)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3534d ago

Sorry Xbox fans won't be writing anti EDGE articles because Xbox fans don't whine and cry over EDGE reviews. Thats a Playstation fan thing, we don't sign petitions and write "100 ways to know if Reviews are wrong" articles to help us sleep at night about 7's.

sack_boi3534d ago

We have lives and better things to do (like playing games on our console(s)) instead of trolling 24/7 on N4G.

gametheory3534d ago

His 360 got the RROD, that's why he can't do anything else, unless he had a job but he is probably a dumb spoiled kid

Tarasque3534d ago

[email protected], Sony paid edge off i swear i am tired of this. Well a 7 well edge are biased fanyboys and do not understand gaming. Does this sound like anybody else? Kinda funny how, 360 fans can give a care less about halowars score but they are having so much fun making fun of the little timid sony fanboys.

sack_boi3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I was talking about the PS3 fanboys on this site; all they do is troll. I hope we'll see them less when Killzone 2 comes out.

No Way3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I wouldn't act like a freakin baby, thas what I wouldn't do..

I could, and would, care less if Halo or Gears got a Seven(7).
It's not gonna break my heart and make me go on a fanboy rant, like the hardcore PS3 fanboys did when Edge gave KZ2 a Seven(7)..

sumguy813534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

yeah, all those things exist...ON PC! now on console: the guy is right. halo set new standards for console fps that haven't been matched.

and all those things you highlighted that other games do, killzone doesn't. killzone, COD, Resistance. they are basically barebones versions. so they add in a gimmicky leveling system that forces you to play longer just to fully enjoy the game (to unlock features that should be there from the start) how innovative.

you ppl praise killzone 2 like it's the second coming of christ, but then you put your own foot in your mouth by saying halo isn't innovative at all while highlighting all the things it does right that these games don't even attempt. yes map editors, co op, being able to take pics and videos are all very old things that have been done so long anyone can do them. and yet...Killzone 2 can't. and then you question edge for only giving it a 7. thank you for justifying their score for me.

EDIT: I know all the ps3 fanboys are going to give me disagrees and negative bubbles, but idiots highlighted these lack of features yourselves. you screamed for years that halo is nothing new, and yet all the things it does, not a single fps has matched. all killzone 2 brought to the table was graphics (NO CO OP, NO PICTURE TAKING, NO VIDEO, NO MAP EDITING). it's style is just like call of duty, it's weapons are been there done that, the story is short and no co op, and the multiplayer has to be played for HOURS and HOURS just to unlock all you can do. explain to me how that justifies anything more than a 7...

edgeofblade3534d ago

I'm cool with it. I played the demo and I know I like it, so I don't need some magazine to validate it. In the same way, I didn't like the Killzone 2 demo, so I don't need someone to validate that either.

But... srsly... two different genres. The scores are not remotely comparable.

uxo223534d ago

There sure are a lot of PS3 fans in this thread, it's almost as if they are trying co instigate 360 fans into whining about this review score. The difference between these two games getting "7s" is all of the hype around Killzone makes the 7 hurt a little bit more.

They are both excellent games, and I'll enjoy both of them.

Skizelli3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

"BTW any of you guys know goldeneye ?????
it was WAAAAAY before halo and for me the TRUE console fps pioneer. But i bet xbox fans are to blind to admit it."

Please don't generalize groups of people like that. I'm an Xbox fan, a Halo fan, and I was a Goldeneye/Perfect Dark fan before any of that. So no, I'm not too blind to admit that Goldeneye was a console FPS pioneer. But so was Halo, whether you'd like to admit it or not. The keyword here is "console."

"Kids like you are the reason for all the annoying fanboy submissions here."

And don't say things like this, followed by "But i bet xbox fans are to blind to admit it." You're no better.

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Chapulin3534d ago

Don't trust EDGE Reviews.

Tarasque3534d ago

Funny how if your comment was in a killzone 2 article and said don't trust edge reviews. It would have 45 agrees and maybe like 2 disagrees, just shows the maturity level of Sony fanboys. That's one thing that keeps me coming to the site, i don't even read the article just read the retarded fanboy post and watch their stupidity.

N4360G3534d ago

LOL it got the same score as Killzone 2,I guess Halo Wars sucks too since Xbox fanboys bashed Killzone 2 when it received a 7 from EDGE.


ya, and you don't see 360 fans crying and moaning that edge are biased now do you....canceling their subscription.. bohoho.. i am never reading anything from edge again.. bohohoho ! lol

they gave it a 7, that's their opinion just like their opinion on killzone 2. whats interesting here is not the the score, but the way different camps are reacting to it.

na2ru13534d ago

There's a difference between how both KZ2 & HWs are psychologically anticipated. Killzone has hyped up thousands upon thousands of people with beta, SP and MP trailers and already scored consistent 9s and 10s.

Halo wars is just some minor niche type of a game with not so much anticipation and hardly no reviews have disproved the 7/10 as BS.and don't assume people to gobble up that innocent attitute play of yours. It has already been seen and proved 100s of times by others here with their reasoning and justification. I could say, 360 fanboys mostly claim BS and never clarify or backup their claims.

sumguy813534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

i almost agree with you except....360 fanboys don't over hype their games. no game, including halo, has reached this level of bs articles and over hype. in fact, no 360 game has been overhyped as much as LBP, MGS4, Resistance 2, Killzone 2... the ps3 fanboys can't just shut up and wait. now we have 2 more titles coming for ps3 that the fanboys will hype way beyond what can actually be achieved.

this is why 360 "fanboys" aren't reacting with hostility towards the review. because they didn't take a game they knew would be good, and hype it all to hell just to have it come crashing down on them that it would just be a good game, and not a great game.

dragunrising3534d ago

A 7 is not a bad score. Considering that Edge reviews games as harshly as they do...not bad :-)I usually tack on 1 1/2 to 2 points on to the score and call it a day. In that way their review is more in line with metacritic :-p