Warner Bros backs Square-Eidos bid

GI.Biz writes: "Media giant Warner Bros, a 20 per cent stakeholder in Eidos, has agreed to put its share of the votes behind the Square Enix bid, according to a new release today by holding company SQEX.

Warner, which holds over 52.5 million shares in the UK publisher, now boosts the total number of shares behind the acquisition to around 96 million - including those covered by a letter of intent - which represents over 36 per cent of the issued share capital."

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SpoonyRedMage3533d ago

I think this will end up being good for both companies and as I greatly enjoyed some of Eidos's games(Legacy of Kain are my fave) and most of Square Enix's games this should be good. In fact I wouldn't mind a revival of Legacy of Kain, maybe a game centered around someone else in the world.