Xbox 360 definitely leads PS3 in Europe, says Microsoft

GI.Biz writes: "Chris Lewis, VP for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business in the EMEA region, has told that he's very clear on exactly who has the console lead between Sony and Microsoft in Europe - and he says that the third party numbers prove it.

According to data from GfK Chart-Track, says Lewis, the Xbox 360 is ahead by "approximately 1 million units" across Europe, the Middle East and Africa - a common grouping of territories, although Sony tends to talk about PAL regions instead, which also includes Australia and New Zealand."

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THC CELL3534d ago

yawn what did they say ?

gw4k3534d ago

The 360 is a world leader now. Sony needs to learn a few things as they have fallen behind. Come on SONY!

THC CELL3534d ago

if sony really cared they would do a price drop
Let me tell ya now they are not falling they are enjoying money
Ms brag and they have no games 09
ps3 by mid of this year will lead

nix3534d ago

i'll have a field day watching fanboys dance below.

Simon_Brezhnev3534d ago

lol u say microsoft world leader its funny how u dont include Wii when it tops everybody in sales lmao

cayal3534d ago

"The 360 is a world leader now. Sony needs to learn a few things as they have fallen behind. Come on SONY! "

Never heard of Nintendo?

And Sony needs to learn? Learn what? How to release a faulty product?

SaiyanFury3534d ago

*yawn* more MS speak of sales. To quote Don Mattrick and MS's goal of unseating Sony, "Xbox 360 WILL well more units worldwide than PlayStation 3".

How about the games MS? How are they coming? Sony has a very strong upcoming list of games in 2009. I don't give a rat's ass about sales. What games are coming that I'm interested in? Speak more of software support more than system sales and I'll be more interested.

uie4rhig3534d ago

then sony released official numbers, and it seemed that the PS3 had sold 21million.

i rest my case!!

marichuu3534d ago

Isn't that what Xbox users said for the past 2 years while PS3 users kept saying "but the cell"?

Either way, it's nice to see that all 3 consoles are doing quite well and that the next gen we will at least have 3 new consoles and still some competition and choices to make.

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THC CELL3534d ago

sure u do ms sure u do in deed

wake up
u have nothing
i work in game and i tell ya now Killzone and ps3 are getting sold like hotcakes and xboxs sold back to us for ps3

Simon_Brezhnev3534d ago

lol even if its true how much of headstart did microsoft have in europe? and bragging

PimpDaddy3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Sony got a headstart last geenration on Microsoft and Nintendo. I dont remember any Sony fanboys crying foul then. Now that the tables are turned thats your excuse?

Hipocriciy at it's finest. How about this. How about an american made console, with a bad reputation for hardware quality, and alot of ill will for past antitrust activities beating an established industry leader for the past 2 generations. Because that is what the 360 is doing to the PS3.

Stop f*cking crying and go buy a 360 already. Damn I own all 3 consoles so I dont have to cry about sales, or worry about games. Stupid a$$ little kids. Grow up.

And yes Microsoft has every right to brag. Sony would be doing the same thing if they were ahead.

Edit: Your making lame excuses. The fact that you took the time to try and spin means that yes you did take it to heart. Invest in a kleenex for those tears. Oh and your imaginary neighbor owning a 360 still doesnt help you get over your insecurity of the 360 beating the PS3 in sales.

Simon_Brezhnev3534d ago

lol how am i crying and why should i buy a 360 when my bro next door has an elite lmao i just stated a pure fact and u taking it to the heart

callahan093534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

The reason the PS2 won last generation had to do with software appeal. The PS2, in its first year available, had Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto III, and Metal Gear Solid 2, all exclusive. Sales sky-rocketed, and GTAIII as an exclusive title for a lengthy period of time (it eventually made it to the Xbox) was a serious pusher. They had the action, adventure, and RPG categories all locked up by the time the Xbox and Gamecube even launched! Plus, it played DVD movies, which were an up and coming thing at the time, and you didn't need to purchase a remote to play them like you did with the Xbox.

PS2 had the games that people wanted. Most casual gamers who I know that own a PS2 haven't made the leap to the next-generation at all yet, and that's because they still have fun playing Madden on PS2, playing the GTA games on PS2. Other than a shiny new veneer, they've really seen no reason to go out and buy an all-new machine and all-new software when they're really very casual gamers to begin with. Maybe someday they'll get a 360, a Wii, a PS3, who knows... but then, maybe they won't.

A lot of those people are known for skipping generations. Many of those friends of mine had SNES's or Genesis machines, but skipped the PSone/N64 generation all-together and didn't get into gaming until Grand Theft Auto III came out. I was a student when that game came out, and I was paying my tuition by working at an Electronics Boutique. Everybody that came into that store that wasn't your typical semi-nerdy gamer, but just wanted something fun to pick up and play from time to time, all of them wanted a PS2 because of GTA.

Never underestimate how much GTA helped the PS2. But it didn't do the job alone. Final Fantasy helped corner the other aisle of gamers. Together, third-party publishers saw room for massive success and they all piled on top with software, and eventually the PS2 was just simply THE machine for exclusive releases. There are more exclusives to the PS2 than there were total games on the Xbox.

And lots of people that lived in the dorms had been getting into collecting DVD versions of movies, and guess what DVD player each and every one of those kids was using? Playstation 2. Indeed.

This generation, with games like Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy being no longer exclusive, it's going to be a lot tougher for those audiences to know precisely which system is best for them. The 360 has an advantage at being the cheapest, but it's obvious that so far those people who are buying systems don't look just at price, because, even though the 360 is the cheapest console on the market everywhere in the world, it still can't outsell the Wii, and it's really not selling that much better than the PS3 given that the PS3's cheapest model is TWICE the price of the 360's. I think that you'll see PS3 sales meet up with 360 sales as the PS3's exclusive library grows with Sony first-party franchise releases of a full spectrum to appeal to all audiences and varieties of gamer, and as they lower price gradually to levels approaching the 360's price (the 360 can't just lower it's price every time the PS3 does, or they'll eventually be literally giving them away).

Dread3534d ago



u r so right

what really bothers me about the sony fangirl attitude is the double standard.

moreover i have been hearing the sony fangirls going on and on for months how about ms only dominating in the us. how europe is the land of sony etc...

were are these tools now. well they are here crying about the headstart. hey geniuses this is not a race and having a head start is not is smart business.. get over it and start buying more playstations. wow.


PotNoodle3534d ago

Pimpdaddy, that would be a valid arugment if the PS2 wasn't like 125m sales ahead of the other consoles.

The 360 is less than 8m ahead of the 360, which is less than a years worth of sales. The PS3 has closed the gap.

cayal3533d ago

"Sony got a headstart last geenration on Microsoft and Nintendo."

There was no competition between Sony and MS and Nintendo last gen.

This gen, Nintendo is far and away the most successful but PS3 and 360 is closer than most people think.

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Why o why3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

what about some 'more' games for the gamers instead of numbers for investors.


you KNOW what i mean. Tell the gamers about games. The sales thing is getting played out ESPECIALLY since we were told 1 console was selling x amount more in 08 than y console ONLY to find out that they were both selling fine and nobody was DOOMED, DYING or needed SAVING.

Its all good saving a couple big names until the end of the year because people tend to for get how barren the first half of 08 was for a particular console. MS should announce that with the bajillions they make off live, xbox sales, dlc etc that they will be actually funding 1st/2nd party development not the other way around. And by games i mean quality titles. Its definitely better to play the numbers games when it comes to exclusives as there have been a few hits and misses on both hd consoles. Listing every game is not really painting a full picture. Dues to you for not listing alan wake and every other black project though:)

green3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

What games?Are you talking about games that are coming out at the end of the year or are you talking about now because as of now there are more than enough games coming out in the 1st quarter alone.

Halo Wars
Ninja Blade
Race Pro
Star Ocean: The last hope,
Expansions to Fallout 3 and GTA4
And Multiplats like resident Evil 5 and SF4.

Yesterday there were concept art's of a new game that Lionhead is working on posted on N4G.The article was sandwiched in between flame bait articles and you can take a guess which one got all the attention.

nix3534d ago

that news still got 410deg. so don't worry... people noticed it.

and i don't wanna get into the list of games you've pasted. hope you'll enjoy them.

power of Green 3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

He's talking about the end of the year *he hopes* they've been saying the same sh*t for years now.

Expect the PS3 to have games pushed back and killer MSFT secrets revealed.

They're a bit grumpy with PS3 sales and all hence why you see all the PS3 will own 2009, PS3 is the graphical beast nonsense.

When some of those big time European studios release their exclusives or better versions of Multi platform games on the 360 this year MSFT will pull aways from Sony in Europe.

green3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I did not mention Alan Wake and the others because i am one of those consumers that likes to know about titles when they are ready, and not for them to be shown to early only for the game to either be a disaster (Too Human and God knows i was eagerly waiting to play that game since 2005),actually getting canceled (Getaway and 8 days or pushed till a further date (GT5 and FF13).

I think 6-8 months is a very good time frame to show case upcoming titles anything after that and i loose interest i.e God of War 3.

Nix: Yes some people noticed it but few made comments.The art works were striking and i was expecting more people to make comments and debate about what the game could actually be.I used to have healthy debates with fellow gamers on N4G before but it seems that most of those gamers have left leaving the trolls who only like to comment on flamebait articles, fighting over a piece of plastic.

power of Green 3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

You don't have to mention Any game for them to bring up what game they see as an threat to PS3 and all their wild claims.

I find it funny PS3 fans pick and choose what games will compete and are worthy of comparison on the 360 platform(choose games that make PS3 look good and attack games that pose a threat).

nix3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

there was a discussion happening... and the result was: it's a Air Force One and in the background you can see Capital Hill. i wonder what you were expecting beyond those points. it's just one pic. and it's not like it was a pic of a game worthy of Halo, GeoW, GOW, Uncharted, KZ2, FFXIII, FFVXIII, Heavy Rain etc...

if you release one concept art of a game which no one knows about people won't masterbate too much.

EDIT: @green (below)

ok the link (the one you pasted) isn't working for me, so i can't say, and even in the discussion people were talking about only that concept art... anyways, i was only talking about that AFO pic. and no.. i don't believe that gamers should masterbate over sales figures. but trust me you and i will be proven wrong today. q:

green3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Your wrong, read the story again.1 picture for Justice survival and several photos for another Lionhead project called Survival http://www.leadinglightdesi... So should people masturbate over sales figures,year of console xxx articles?

SpoonyRedMage3534d ago

Where was Sony's games this time last year? or the year before that?

Even though it seems Microsoft has a weaker line up this year it still has a stronger line up than the PS3 has had the last two years.

Plus the Wii probably has the best line up this year and it has the most sales.

nizza3534d ago

"Artwork for two unannounced Lionhead projects appearing on the web are not currently in development, despite speculation they could be the next titles from the Fable studio.

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DarkSniper3534d ago

Microsoft should endure the most painful torture for their constant lies across the honest listeners in the industry. Xbox 360 is far and beyond the biggest joke of interactive entertainment. PLAYSTATION®3 has swept the European territories with an established environment of mature gamers, superior online and cutting-edge functionality.

Only PLAYSTATION®3 gives Dark Sniper the satisfaction of knowing that he has 10 years of quality gaming and prominence in a hardware device that grows within time. Microslaves are finally seeing the light that is Killzone 2. Even furthermore, several have climbed themselves out of purgatory by selling their system in favor of Sony's future proof giant.

PLAYSTATION®3 is a weapon of mass destruction. Microslaves need to wake up, or else the atom bomb will strike them in their delusional rest.


caffman3534d ago

you are soooooooo funny!!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3534d ago

I like the sound of that!!! ;-D

Jandre023534d ago

Wow. Dark Sniper never tells a lie.