Video of Circuit de La Sarthe in GT5 Prologue

Video of Circuit de La Sarthe (Le Mans) in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. To a fan base starving for new GT5 Prologue tracks, this clip should provide a tiny bit of refreshment (and hope!).


Story updated to include evidence footage is actually from a development version of GT5 Prologue.

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arsenal553533d ago

beautiful track. WORK ON THOSE TREES THOUGH! some of the clips they look fine but others made me think "YIKES"

Hope this comes in an update for prologue

Mnemonic-DK3533d ago

Gimme Nordschleife or nothing... ;)

snow4life3533d ago

Damn Right!!!=)
couldnt care less about the other tracks...

Information Minister3533d ago

No, we've played that before in many racing games.

Give us Spa Francorchamps instead.

Narutone663533d ago

Sort of look like GT4 but more realistic than the PS2 one. Notice the balance bar at the bottom of the screen, GT5P don't have that (yet). It's available in GT4.

DS10863533d ago

Have you ever played GT5P? The 'balance bar', as you call it, is the G meter (it measures g-force), and it has always been in GT5P!

ikral3533d ago

....i think it´s from GT4(this video). Hope i´m wrong and that soon we will get spec4 with new tracs, damage and wheather.

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