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PS3 Sense writes: "Killzone 2 is certainly a shooter that a lot of media attention has been given in recent years. It all started with the trailer that was shown at E3 2005. This trailer was a piece of the first level in the game to see. The infamous trailer is still burned on the retina of many gamers, and everyone wondered if Killzone 2 is actually like this would come to see. Let us answer this question directly but, yes it is possible to Guerilla Killzone 2 is even better showing than the trailer that you received when presented. But with just beautiful graphics you save it as shooter, the gameplay elements are very important, even for a gamer on graphics geilt. Killzone 2 in terms of gameplay or even just a historical shooter will be like Call of Duty and Counter Strike, which you can read this review. "

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GamerPS3603531d ago

Dang, I gotta get my things straight, so I can play KZ2 at least for a week without having to run for groceries and sitting on computer paying bills.

Timberland2K93531d ago

I think im gonna quit gaming for a week so i can have a full 48 hours straight of Killzone 2 Single player and multi

Timberland2K93531d ago

I smell victory for my favorite platform.

Str8laced3531d ago

Does it smell anything like MGS4 or LBP or maybe RES2 or how about MotorstormPR. That was suppose to be the next thing to christ.

XtreemGamer3531d ago

The story isn't short... I've played the full game,and on hard difficulty the gameplay is 8-8,5 hours.

jammy_703531d ago

is it better than cod 4 campaign?

man u lucky!

XtreemGamer3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I've played the multiplayer(beta) and the single player campaign(final build),and i must say it is awesome. Of course i played the SP on hard difficulty,because i want to know how much long is the game,when it's really challenging. And yeah,it didn't disappoint.. I'm not going to compare KZ2 with CoD4,because both game are great. I've played the final game with a reviewer group. I didn't say that the game's single-player part is a 10/10,it's not. If i should review the single-player part,i would give a 9.3/10. But the multiplayer is the game's strongest point,and that is where it's becoming a 10/10..

In a few words.. if you liked CoD4,then you will like KZ2 alot! The only thing is this game is less arcade style. Everything have weight,and you must get into that feeling. After a 15-20 min gameplay the controls are very good and realistic.

INehalemEXI3531d ago

Was having fun today playing through the demo with just a knife aside from the bazooka blowing up bridge part.

SAiOSiN3530d ago

just throw a grenade at works. or pistol. lol i love the demoso much,u can beat it in so many ways.

BMS843531d ago

I can't wait to play the multiplayer, i think it's gonna be very addictive;)

Tarasque3531d ago

And the worst controls of any FPS on the PS3 so far as well.

TresTrendu3531d ago

Tru dat, Tru dat......

Solidsnakex233531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

just because you don't crouch with the "o" button? Alt 2 config is almost like Call of Duty 4. Did you play Killzone 2 yet?

Edit: What is wrong with the control? just asking. I really don't consider myself as a fanboy since I will protect both my investments I own. I haven't gotten a Wii since it is still hard to find.

Str8laced3531d ago

For some reason sony fanboys have a hard time reading. He said controls not button config. I have played with alt 2 and and adjusted my sens and it doesn't help how it controls.

LazyDevs3531d ago

Man that is some funny sh1t, i don't consider myself a fanboy. I will name myself hmmm let me see halo no, how about gears no, Solidsnake that's it.

Graphics Whore3531d ago

Tarasque, learn to play. The controls are fine, maybe you just aren't good? lol.

Solidsnakex233530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Like I said, I do not need to talk good about this game. Everyone else is. I see your bend over buddy is trying to save you here. Also Solidsnake is just a name I picked cause the name I wanted on the 360 is already used. My PSN name is actually Strikerx23 the same one that I wanted on the 360... hmmm I think you got it all wrong again because Solidsnake was on lets see..... Gamecube... check.... playstation... check.... Xbox.... CHECK. I see you fail my friend

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