Street Fighter IV Street Date Broken

Gameplayer are reporting that the street date for Street Fighter IV has been broken and the game is now on sale.

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Fullish3529d ago

yep it's true, JB Hifi Hobart game me a call saying it'll be in tomorrow.

dragunrising3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Still playing SSF2HD. I wish they didn't release the two games so close together...

I am still quite the Street Fighter noob...hopefully that changes.

stonecold33529d ago

to my local game trader shop and still waiting to pick my copy up i think this is the best fighting game of 09

Mutley4163529d ago

Tonight Midnight...sooner OK!!!

rajman3529d ago

Ive had this game nearly 2 weeks now =) (not a promo, official ps3 pal game)

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