What is wrong with gamers today?

Nobody wanted to write this article.

To be honest, it would seem silly that anyone would even consider defending Rapelay in any capacity. But they did. And now The Start Screen can't help but comment. The Start Screen's Issah Taylor wrote an article on the game only but two days ago, and like every other article about the subject, The Start Screen was flooded with comments. This is from one specific commenter in general: Xambol for N4G.

Understand that this is the internet, and TSS takes full pride in making you look like an absolute dolt.

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ape0073529d ago


we were fanboys when we were young,like 10 or 12 Y.O

snes vs sega,casue we don't have a lot of money,of course we will be fanboys

but now,adults,middle age men,just follow and dis other everyday,every minute

you are a gamer,you got to appreciate gaming

DavidMacDougall3529d ago

Jesus Blur! I find that picture of you disturbing, yet im happy your not holding the 360 and that vaseline ....

DelbertGrady3529d ago

Did you even read the article?

Final_Rpg3529d ago

LMAO, dude, he answers his own question in the article. Learn to read.

GameGambits3529d ago

I told my friend about this game and what you do in it. He says, "meh people have crazy fetishes, and I'm not surprised by someone wanting to do this."

I was like wow you are dumb. Fetishes I understand too. Tying someone up, or dressing up to pretend you are something. Even food on the body or what have you. However, if I said my fetish is to light women on fire then urinate it out, after which I follow up using a knife in her privates, does that make it a fetish and tolerable? Fetishes should not HARM anyone and should be tolerated by both parties in the act of it.

Rape is serious business. Anyone who thought, "I have a good idea, let's use a ton of money to make a game that lets you rape women," should be put in jail. I don't care what moral high horse Japan isn't on, but I bet you if someone committed rape on someone they knew, and then said, "why not? It's my fetish. I do it all the time in this game called Rapelay," then the world's media would blow up.

Violence in games is tolerate if it serves a purpose and IS NOT grotutis. Rape is the opposite and shouldn't be allowed anywhere ever.

ape0073529d ago

I read it

but that thing I mentioned is just stuck in my head guys

pswi603529d ago

um, What is wrong with journalists today? stop trying to take the moral high ground when in reality, we ALL use games to commit fantasy violence, and to say that one form is wrong while another is ok is pure hypocrisy.

for example, when GTA4 came out, i promptly stole a car, went to a strip club, got a lap dance, and then shot everyone in the club and got my money back. then, i killed waves of police officers who came to try and arrest me.

how is this justified, but a rape simulator is *GASP* terrible, awful, and horrible? the fact is, that the virtual crimes committed in GTA4 are WAAYY worse when compared to a rape, which is still a crime. I am not condoning rape or murder, but we shouldn't be crying out against one while loading up a game to do another.

the start screen just needs to shut the hell up and let the public decide what is ok and what's not.

RKRigney3529d ago

It's people like pswi60 that make gamers in general look like a bunch of douchebags. He's right that we give pass to games like grand theft auto. The thing that he (and so many misguided members of this community) tend to overlook is the fact that killing cops in Grand Theft Auto is fun because it's just fun to try to outrun them. Whenever you shoot up a street in GTA, you don't feel like you would if you actually shot up a street in real life. They're two different things.

And while a rape simulation and actual rape are also two different things, the only reason one would buy a rape simulator is to get sexual pleasure from watching and participating in scenes of rape.

If you try to defend that kind of person, I have no further business with you. Stay away from me, because you're the f*cking scum of the earth.

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Zeus Lee3529d ago

You've got to be really sick in the head to tolerate a game that simulates rape.

REALLY sick.

AuToFiRE3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

now we are getting into jack thompson territory here. we cant simulate rape yet we can simulate murder. Personally I could care less what people think of the game, there will always be people who like specific games and those who hate them


Humans have evolved around war, but havent humans also evolved around rape aswell? back in the 1800s if a woman did not let a man have his way with her the woman would be drowned, that was common grounds. when doujinshi/hentai books were first released in japan crime rates dropped 80%

RJ20003529d ago

I see where you are going with this, but you are on two different scales. The history of humans involves war, murder, and killing. Pending your political stance, each can be defended in a certain situation. Rape is still something too demented that cannot ever be defended or tolerated.

AuToFiRE3529d ago

*continued discussion*

With the release of hentai/doujinshi in japan back in the day crime rate dropped 80%, how do we know a game like this could have similar effects to the north american market? games liek this allow the individual to explore his/her fantasies without actually going out to do it. With the publicity this game is receiving id expect it to gain a bit of attention and in the netx few months we will see a drop in sexual related crimes

rhood0223529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Actually RJ, history revolves around rape too.

Conquerors, almost 100% of the time, raped the women of captured villages. The various Mongol Hordes were notorious in this practice. In fact, there was a study a few years back that showed 1 out of 3 Chinese have Mongolian genes and 1 and 5 Russians have them.

Even the English did it when they were conquering Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The notion that rape was demeaning to a woman wasn't even talked about until the late 18th century when women were given just a taste of universal rights. And that was only in France and only until Napoleon took power.

C_SoL3529d ago

history lesson rhood.

I learn something everyday. Amazing.

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GiantEnemyLobster3529d ago

Theres nothing wrong with gamers, but there is definitely something wrong with PStards.

AuToFiRE3529d ago

this has nothign to do with either playstation or xbox, please leave your fanboyism at the door and at least read the article

Zissouace3529d ago

Auto is right! It's really about the Wii and it's penis shaped controller!

xerox3529d ago

And MStards are fully stable?

No, just what *IS* wrong with fanboys in general?

Sayai jin3529d ago

I do not think gaming needs this kind of attention. He compares it to movies and books, but that's just's a game not a movie or book. Also a game is so much more personal, becuase unlike a movie or book you are actually the character.

Gaming is at a all time high. The gaming industry outsold movies in 2008. What! That's an incredible feat.

Gaming was seen just a thing to do and gamers really had no voice. Everyone remember the book writer that called Mass Effect a porn game on Fox news. Gamers pulled together and embarrassed this women, because they were right and said so in numbers.

Games can be fun without this type of activity, period.

xlx-russ_923529d ago

Bots started the fanboy Sh!t.

SonySoldierEternaL3529d ago

no worries, we'll have the final laugh

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