Beat 'em up Mash up: Streets of Rage 2 vs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance

As a new feature, Gamer Limit is reaching out to the community to see which games are the "best" in their respective genre. Our new "Mash Up" feature showcases one retro and one modern game fighting for the crown. The first competition category is "beat 'em ups": hit the jump for a look at both games, and instructions on how to vote!

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SaiyanFury3556d ago

I'll second that. Motion carried.

Andrew Wiggin3557d ago

I wish I played either so I could post

Clance3556d ago

But Streets Of Rage 2 is a classic.... Looking forward to that on the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection!

green3556d ago

Never played SOR2 but played the 1st.Would love a mordern day sequel.I really love the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2.So basically can not choose.

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