Forza Motorsport 2 release date unveiled

After informing you of Forza Motorsport 2's scheduled arrival in May 2007, have now gone that one step further to give you an actual date. A press release on Xbox Japan states that Forza 2 will be hitting the shelves on May 24th. Now there's a date to pencil into your diaries.

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smeg0rz4247d ago

These graphics dont remotely look anything as good as F1 or motorstorm on the ps3? My friend told me to buy a 360 because it was the same as a ps3 he told me !!!!! Now i see ive been lied to!! WHY ME!!

BIadestarX4247d ago

Not the end of the world. All you have to do is buy yourself a PS3 and you are all set. It's too early to tell if forza will suck in term of graphics and who knows it these two games may look better in terms of graphics, but forza 2 fans are not looking towards the look of the water as it sticks to the screen. They are looking towards some of the features that forza 2 will have that these 2 games you mentioned will not even come close. Example, all we know about F1 is that is looks good. But not many are fans of F1 racing.
Forza 2 will shine with the online and community and these games may have some online support.
Example, forza 2 will let people customize their cars with greater detail never seem before, The Auction House where cars can be sold for game currency in order to buy other cars, tournaments, leader boards, real physics, live TV, website integrated with game, etc.
Trust me kid, forza 2 unlike these games is not about just graphics though I guarantee you it will look great.

Shadow Flare4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )


That middle image you posted. Haha, did you attach that to impress people?

TheMART4247d ago

That's just because you don't own a 360.

You're a Freaking Fony Fanboy in disguise lying and trying to twist stuff. If you'd buy a PS3 you had no games at all, and missing out on Gears of War. Not to mention you missed out on the greatest online service around.

Buy that updated PS2 if you like it but don't start crying to convince no-one

Shadow Flare4247d ago

If someone claims to have an Xbox 360, but say they don't enjoy it, then according to TheMART, they don't have an Xbox 360.

It's not the first time i've seen mart do this:

and then he kinda, you know, shut up:

Mart here's the moral. If someone says they have a 360 and says they don't like it; they probably don't like it. Unbelievable by your standards i know, but its actually possible.

MaximusPrime4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

comparing the images from Forza and Gran Turismo, i declare Gran Turismo the winner.


Gran Turismo:

The oldest game
Clean, crisp images / almost photo realistic
So many manufacturers
4 Sequels plus one Tourist Trophy

quite new / Probably 2 years old.
images are not that clean / almost cartoony / not even photo realistic
Many Manufacturers (ok fair enough)
.... first sequel so far (+ no Tourist trophy)

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Gamer134247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

And the game got so much init i don,t mined the graphics at this stage, even when it release looking the same as now im ok, all i now is forza 2 will be a long lasting title, there is so much u can do in the game, can,t wait for launch day.

IM OUT...///"""

DJ4247d ago

where they previewed this game, and they came to the same conclusion as the rest of us.

Shadow Flare4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

what, that it's really unimpressive right now?

candystop4247d ago

Actually I watched the show and they pretty much said that it's going to be very deep and realistic unlike any other racer before it!

R Swipe4247d ago

Theres a question for you DJ.

Well do you own one yet?

hhuete4247d ago

some of the ppl here are so stupid

this game is not finished and of course its going to look better then the first version on xbox1

and to the guy who has the first post if someome cant just tell u to spend that much money on a console just because "they said" which console has better or the same graphics, well you are a fool even if they were your friend.

JPomper4247d ago


Seriously... as 1up said, Turn10 built Forza from the inside out. Graphics are the last thing to be fully implemented and tweaked to perfection, so keep your little d!cked pissing contests about your overpriced PS3 out of the 360 news.

Simple fact is that Forza 2 will have more online support, more customization and tuning options than GT:HD, F1 and Motorstorm combined. It's looking pretty damned good and it's not finished by any means.

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