Massively: The Daily Grind: Would you craft more if it didn't bore you?

The announcement of streamlining and clarification of crafting coming to Warhammer Online has us thinking: what do you think of crafting in MMOs? Most AAA games offer some sort of non-combat opportunities, but generally they're far less engaging than the combat component of the gameworld. There are exceptions, of course, such as the minigame offerings of Puzzle Pirates or the elaborate tiers of pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies. EverQuest 2 has made enormous improvements on its simple design by adding vibrant rewards and unique non-combat instances into the mix.

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PootieTang3558d ago

I just want to be able to craft something unique that looks sweet, something that has more than just <crafted by pootietang>. I don't care how many furlongs or fortnights I have to travel, let me put a donkey tail on my helm of enduring light!