23 Memorable Deaths in Gaming

Gameplayer Writes:
Kicking the bucket, biting the dust, getting moved into 'upper, upper management', the big game over, getting married to OJ – whichever morbid euphemism you choose to use, they all boil down to the same universal truth: death is unavoidable, and it sucks arse.

As gamers, we have a much more intimate relationship with the Grim Reaper when compared to our non-gaming cousins, because virtual death is always just around the next corner. For the most part this makes some among of us blasé towards the concept of carking it; but every once in a while we experience a truly unique shafting, a beautiful death, that will stick around in our memory longer than it probably should…

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SlappingOysters3536d ago

Well I found that really entertaining.

How hardcore was Manhunt!

McPerson3536d ago

I don't know why they even made that game.

Or a sequel for that matter...

SlappingOysters3536d ago

But it still was pretty hardcore. I remember trying to play it but finding the camera too shizzle so giving it the flick early on: but looking at those deaths, far out... maybe I should have kicked on just for that!!!!

Proxy3536d ago

It didn't mention the end of Shadow of the Collosus.

What's not memorable about being sucked into that pool?

McFlouncy3536d ago

Angel in Wing Commander IV (the first FMV game).

She's being given a few stern words after being captured by some bastard Kilrathi.

Facing the Kilrathi, hottie Angel, who is totally loveable, is gonna pull some mini-gun out of her sock or something and blammo the stoopid Kilrathi then escape. You know it's gonna happen, you're just waiting.

But out of the bloody blue the Kilrathi skewers Angel (who is like, uber hot) straight through the guts with his big hairy claws.


And next thing Angel's lying on the ground blood spilling out everywhere. And I've kicked back from my screen in shock. Like WFT!?

I'm still completely traumatised over that...

SlappingOysters3536d ago

Is that a good death scene, or is it actually a memorable death in the context of this article

Sounds epic.

McFlouncy3536d ago

It's sort of in context of a good 'player death'

When Angel died, a part of me died with her...

Pleth3536d ago

So, was that in any paticular order? Best to worst? I'm sorry I'm burnt.

Trebius3536d ago

Final Fantasy 7 had the best death with my opinion.

I almost shed a tear...
The silence...
The blade...
The falling holy materia...
Bouncing...Tinkering its high pitched wail...
her body dropping...
Sephiroth removing the blade...

AHH I Wanna play FFVII!!

Dark_Overlord3536d ago

besides that there not many deaths that really stand out for me except

Tidus - FFX (At the end of the game where he finally passed on)

God Of War 2 - Can't remember his name but the one who's face Kratos kindly introduces to the door

typikal823535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )


Come on! You know John Doe's death was the worst ever! Outlaws comes in 2nd IMO.

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