PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read [15/2/2009]

Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager: "A lot of interesting stories to read in the last week, not the least of which involve the God of War III Media preview. Many more have been written than the 3 I linked to here - but I think it'll give you the gist, Kratos is getting up to something special (again!).

A little closer to release (12 days, actually), let's not forget about Killzone 2. One of the more interesting things I read this week came from - wait for it - Planet Xbox 360 (!) Apparently undeniable quality is the cure for fanboyism. Let's bottle it!

And finally, have you been playing Flower? So many awesome comments came in after the game hit PSN on Thursday that I'll be bundling them up and putting them in front of Kellee, Jenova, and the rest of thatgamecompany. Read what your fellow gamers have to say - the game is really worth checking out."

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