Eurogamer: Street Fighter IV Review

Eurogamer writes: "I'm standing behind the Street Fighter IV cabinet at ATEI, the UK's only amusement arcade exhibition. Around the machine loiters a group of twentysomethings, all of whom invented or lied about the names of companies they work for in order to gain access to this supposedly industry-only exhibition. They lied because of this game and this game alone".

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pwnsause3627d ago

eurogamer, this game is good, not 10/10 good. jumping the gun again...

TheTwelve3627d ago

Who thinks Eurogamer would have given Killzone 2 a 10/10 if it was (somehow) multi-plat?

Anyway, I'm a serious SF fan from the oldschool and all of these reviews will just confirm this purchase for me.


pwnsause3627d ago

killzone 2 shouldn't get a 10 either, even if it did get if it was multiplatform. Along the lines between 9-9.7 is the correct score for both KZ 2 and SFIV, but not 10. it all goes back to what I said, there is an inconsistency with the reviews. but hey, thats just me.

Timberland2K93627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Ok so killzone 2 "didn't make itself stand out from other FPS".

Im not hating on Street Fighter 4 but said the online lags 1. 2 What does this really do to distinguish itself from older streetfighters, Besides the focus system. the focus system would be something that is new just like KZ2 cover system.

I will love this game, i know it but euro gamer likes docking scores from ps3 exclusives.

Basically what im trying to say is the reviewing process is messed up.

Edit: And its in the xbox 360 section, you mean to tell me the controls didn't drive them crazy

thewhoopimen3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Great. A game that has had more iterations than Geow2 and Killzone combined gets a 10 for Decade and half old gameplay, looping music samples, and 3D on 2D old school tech innovation....

I LOVE Streetfighter but Eurogamer do try to sell me on why SF4 gets perfect scores on ideas, graphics, and gameplay mechanics are that far outdated technically compared to what's out there?

*oh no coop? *sarcasm

Information Minister3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

The game got a 10 because of all the innovation it brings not only to the genre but also to videogames in general. You know those life bars? Totally unheard off until now.


I guess innovation isn't so important after all (with some games).

SprSynJn3627d ago

How can any fighter get a 10/10 for a review with such a limited gameplay format? Especially considering you actually need additional hardware to fully enjoy the experience. I do believe this is one of the best fighters to come along in a good while, but a perfect score is going a bit overboard. After playing through one round all the way to the boss, I cannot see giving this a perfect score. I have not played it on consoles of course, so I might have missed something.

jammy_703626d ago

i duno (i aint played it) but i dont think so...

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TheMART3627d ago

"pwnsause - 0 minutes ago

Ignore1 -
eurogamer, this game is good, not 10/10 good. jumping the gun again... "

Like with their exclusive KZ2 review. Sold their soul to Sony after the OPM reviews. And no one dared to review the real scores. Unless EDGE and some other reviewers.

Graphics Whore3627d ago

I hope you never have kids.

Sony Rep3627d ago

If only you spoke in complete sentences....

pwnsause3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

??? no mart. i did not mention KZ2 did I? no game deserves a 10. no game is perfect. this is why you get raped by everyone on this site. please go back to your Xboxkings fanboy site, aka bootleg SDF.

Besides Im getting this game cause Im a longtime SF fan. But no game deserves a 10.

but go ahead and disagree with me if you want. it doesnt hurt me.

3627d ago
Man_of_the_year3627d ago

You must be sick and tired of MART always being correct. It must just piss you right off huh? And i love how it rubs it in your face like you are a bad dog for shiiting all over the nice carpet...

BLUR1113627d ago

a game that gives a 10 does not mean it's perfect.

Graphics Whore3627d ago

What are you? His jealous boyfriend? Xbox Fanboys get together on Xbox Live and e-cuddle each other as you whisper sweet nothings into the microphone?

Or are you just his alternate account?

dukadork33627d ago

"You must be sick and tired of MART always being correct"

dude that's some hilarious sh!t

"a game that gives a 10 does not mean it's perfect"
gives? WTF?

oh, i get it:
10 is *almost* perfect
11 is perfect


not even a week ago, killzone2 was getting 9s for "lack of innovation" from various dumb asses who gave halo3 10s.

now SF4 innovates more than KZ2?
are you sh!tting me?

iamruthless243627d ago

lol ur upset mart because the best shooter to grace the market is about 10 days away!!!

its going to be hard for me to devote time between ST4 and KZ2 ..but yo wont have that problem will you since st4 and and a gimp controller is all you got good luck with getting those achievement points

Man_of_the_year3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Whaaaaaa Whaaaaaa MOTY totally nailed me with his comment and now i don't know what to say back to him...oh i know i will resort to pathetic gay jokes and say he cuddles with MART on xbox live...LOL

MART made an accurate point - and you make a personal attack comment because you didn't know what else to say. So i call you out on it and again you don't know what to say and thus again make another personal attack...LOL you are so pathetic.

Let me guess - when you reply to this comment you will again make a personal attack and not make a comment that has anything to do with the article or to prove MART wrong...i think it just might be best not to say anything at all and save yourself the embarrassment.


First off - according to the gaming industry - KZ2 is not as highly reviewed as games such as Halo 3 and your comment is not very accurate.

Second - how do you know if he is using the 360 controller or if he has an arcade stick? Also i use the analog stick since its way better than the d-pad on both the 360 and the PS3 d-pad. I don't know how you guys can use that thing.

TheMART3626d ago

@ Dukadork

Why do you use multiple accounts? Your bubbles on the others went down too fast?

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Zeus Lee3627d ago

Awesome score,Ps3 version here I come.

Graphics Whore3627d ago

Good score, but I don't really trust gaming media anyway, no one should.

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