IncGamers: Street Fighter IV Review

IncGamers has posted their PS3 review of Capcom's Street Foighter IV. Here's a snip:

"Because everyone knows the moves. Because never in videogaming history has a movement been so accurately represented by its input: Ryu almost crouching; his hands spread wide, held tightly against his hip; then that perfect thrust forwards, unleashing all that focused energy in a ball of blue flame. Down, down-towards, towards, punch. Hadoken."

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syrinx3531d ago

Yeh I saw this being played in the office and man does it look very cool. Not gone hands-on myself but it looks like Street Fighter is back :)

Redrudy3531d ago

Nice. Great score and I think this will be the best fighter this year.

Xulfxulf3531d ago

ahh, how I remember the old days of arcades and throwing elbows into skinny Filipino kids while chaining combos with Guile. playing on a gamepad just isn't the same.

Graphics Whore3531d ago

I might buy an Arcade sticks for this game. Buying it for PS3.

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