No 3rd Party Online Support For Wii

According to Ben Herman during an interview with Nintendowiifanboy:

"Of course, there has to be bad news, and it's kind of big: Herman says that Nintendo is not letting publishers add online functionality to games, VC or retail, and probably will continue this restriction throughout 2007."

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the_bebop4435d ago

This is one of the reaones why nintendo has been coming last with there previous conoles they always seem to be giving the impresion that they are telling there third party support that they don't care about them, and that they dont care as long as they support there handeld devision.

BIadestarX4435d ago

This is how Nintendo tries to have an edge over 3rd party titles. This is why 1st party game are better than 3rd party games. I guess some things never change on the nintendo camp.

Funky Town_TX4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Nintendo runs their company the way they want to. 3rd party support is important to me. But as long as they sale games most pub/dev don't care.

PS360WII4435d ago

the Ubisoft airplane game will have online dogfights... intresting no? Plus that game will come out in 2007. This rumor has already been debunked.

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