Ken K. Hates Sony's Electronics Division?

In an article hosted by Some points are brought to light as Ken Kutaragi's dealings with Sony Computer Entertainments Electronics Division (The guys who provide the parts for his creations). This article touches base on two events that would lead you to believe. Ken Kutaragi has no interest or respect for Sony's Electronics Division.

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Captain Tuttle4336d ago

Not the kind of stuff you want written about you in The Wall Street Journal.

calderra4335d ago

I've been saying pretty much this exact quote for a long time:
"I don't care how legendary or historically successful a manager might be - if they are unable or unwilling to adapt to the culture, the vision you, as leader, have clearly communicated, they have to go. But not two years later, after the corrosive effect of doing things "their way" has already sunk in. Having a senior manager blame other groups for his group's woes? Raising concerns of investors, suppliers and customers alike? Unacceptable everywhere and at any time in any culture."

I just didn't know he was internally as bad as he's been publicly.

WTF4335d ago

Hey Ken!!!Don't be haitin!!

timmyp534335d ago

this goes for all the head honchos.