PlanetXbox360's Street Fighter IV Review

From the review:

"Let's cut straight to the chase and avoid the buildup; Street Fighter is back and in tiptop shape. Whether it's the original Street Fighter or any title in the Street Fighter Alpha series, it doesn't matter if you've played the any previous iterations of Street Fighter because Street Fighter IV is a great starting point for any newcomers. It's even a sight for sore eyes since longtime fans have been dying to play a new title in the franchise for the past several years. The original cast returns, the signature moves return, and the same good old-fashioned one versus one combat is ready to sweep gamers off their feet once again."

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Valkyrie833531d ago

Fantastic game coming out later this week, good for what I was thinking, wish the multiplayer was a bit stronger but easily the best fighting game on any next-gen console to-date; anyone disagree and if so with which fighter?

UltimaEnder3531d ago

I would have to agree with you, the fighting itself is SO solid but one suggestion: go get yourself either the new arcade fighting stick or the new "6-button" style controller (available on both the 360 and ps3) makes the game 10x better!

Kushan3531d ago

Just a word of warning, SOME people have been complaining about the diagonals of the "fightpad" (The 6 button one). I can't comment either way since I don't own one, but if you do fork out for one, keep the receipt handy just in case.

UltimaEnder3531d ago

Ya I haven't tried the 6-button one but I can vouch for the arcade stick from MadCatz; if anyone tries the 6-button let us know how it looked cool in the packaging!

Kushan3531d ago

While we're on the subject:

This is if you want to make your own joystick for the PS3 and 360. Highly recommended if you've got some spare time and are looking for a project.

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Kushan3531d ago

By Vega, do you mean M. Bison or the skinny spanish gimp?

Valkyrie833531d ago

Easily one of the best fighters in the game, as long as you know how to use his crazy dance moves....

Kushan3531d ago

I think you're really going to like El Fuerte. Ooops! I've said too much!


UltimaEnder3531d ago

You did say too much, because El Fuerte is freaking awesome, I mean....wait now I must flee as well!

Caspel3531d ago

Vega (Claw) is one of the weakest characters in the game...

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Xbox is the BEST3531d ago

for me for the 360, PS3 version next. I'll be on both networks, if anyone thing they got skills in SF look me up

Valkyrie833531d ago

I think if it wasn't for the fight stick I would have had to go with the PS3 version because the 360 d-pad is so horrible, even the new one!

BiG_LU3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Need help here cuz I'm looking fow to get this game but I really want a arcade stick control but the good ones r mad expensive which one u recommend me under the $100 bucks that most likely good as those dream one lol, thanks for any help.

Valkyrie833530d ago

I would recommend the 6 button madcatz controller, not a stick but its only 40 dollars; i think the cheaper arcade stick isn't much more so I would luck into that one!