Your next Christmas present: $299 Blu-ray player

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Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow's widely reported comment that 2007 will see substantial drops in Blu-ray player prices came as no surprise, but the suggestion that the company could go as low as $US299 has raised some eyebrows.

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UrbanJabroni4245d ago

Knowing what I'm going to get ten months before Christmas.

candystop4244d ago

So I wonder if this means hddvd will drop to around 150 or even 100 which would be great!

Sphinx4244d ago

this will quicken the process of choosing a winner. At this point I do not care who wins, I just want someone to win, so I can safely buy an HD movie player... and there will finally be some movies to choose from.

lilwingman4244d ago

If prices are dropping this substanitlally on Blu-Ray players... from $1000-$299 in a year, why is Sony still saying they don't plan on lowering the PS3's price for 1-2 years? They obviously can.

PS360PCROCKS4244d ago

To make a little of that money back their losing right now on every cant undercharge as much as they are and than just cut it when everything gets cheaper, you will never make a profit and always be in the hole. Now this is awesome...if Blu-ray is $299 next Christmas and is killing Hd-dvd I might buy one...this sucks tho I have a 360 and a ps3 and I dont want to buy movies that are going to be useless down the road...

THAMMER14244d ago

This holiday season will huge for HD. The 360 add on is currently 199.99 and a reg HD DVD players are around 299.99 - 499.99. It would seriously behoove Sony to drop the price.

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