The Decline Of Square Enix Since 2003

Before 2003, Square Enix didn't literally exist. Instead, two companies called Square and Enix did, both producing competing RPGS; Square with their famed Final Fantasy franchise, and Enix with their insanely popular Dragon Quest franchise. However, when Square came into financial difficulties due to the ill-fated Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie, the two merged and formed Square Enix.

The president who took Square down its slippery slope (Tomoyuki Takechi) left the company, and Yoichi Wada was promoted to be the new president of Square, and then Square Enix. Since then, many people have become more and more disillusioned about Square Enix's conduct and the games it produces.

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Zeus Lee3536d ago

After FF13 VS,I'll be officially done with Square Enix 'til they release Kingdom Hearts III next gen.

If that doesn't tell you how poor their software library is this gen,then I really don't know what else to say.

mephman3536d ago

I think that's part of the problem.

If you take away games relating to Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts... what do they actually have that's a major blockbuster and will sell units?

Star Ocean could be considered semi-up there, but apart from that there is basically nothing.

MasFlowKiller3536d ago

the way their going KH3 wont be here until the PS5 and Xbox 1080

Selyah3536d ago

Its beginning to look that way delayed releases and so on, too much focus on the remakes. The other thing I noticed which is becoming really apparent is there isn't much of a diversity in the past some of there lesser known titles have actually been rather decent Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve and so on all of these seem to have died the death lately.

NaiNaiNai3536d ago

what does guirlla have other then killzone, what does Konami really have other then MGS, what does Bungie have other then halo.
see were im going with this.

mephman3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Bungie and Guerilla aren't massive developer/publishers, so it's not really a fair comparison.

Konami have plenty of franchises aside from Metal Gear:

Dance Dance Revolution
Silent Hill
Pro Evo (Winning Eleven)
Zone of the Enders

Plus, they also release other games like Rumble Roses.

rhood0223536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )


While I get your point, I have to correct you on Konami.

Konami has plenty of other franchises than MGS that sell.

Dance Dance Revolution
Pro Evolution Soccer
Silent Hill
All the TMNT games
Yu-Gi Oh, both the video game and card game


Dang Mep, you beat me to it.

Alex_Mexico3536d ago

@NaiNaiNai: You must be from the USA beacuse you fail to see Konami's biggest money maker of them all (even bigger than MGS) that's Pro Evo/Winning Eleven.
Konami is much more than just MGS.

NaiNaiNai3536d ago

i know i said konami, i meant kojima team.

cloud 2793536d ago

Kojima Productions is a part of Konami, and is owned by Konami. Also Kojima team is a small developer team and not as big as Square-Enix

NaiNaiNai3536d ago

so theres not individual teams at SE, that make good games, only all bad gamnes huh, stop trying to spin things.

cloud 2793536d ago

I'm not trying to spin things, I'm stating facts. Kojima Productions (KP) is a team working for Konami, and I never said SE had no good or bad teams. KP can only work on one game at time just like a small team. I was talking about SE as a whole which has above 3K employees and KP has only about 200 employees. You are comparing a river and a sea. SE has to have individual teams otherwise they can't work on so many products at a same time. Think about it.

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ShawnCollier3536d ago

Square Enix seems to doing the same thing Namco-Bandai is with the Tales of series in Japan: Release tons of games one after another, to the point where the fans are like, "Which ones do you want us to buy now?".

You'd think they would get that releasing games like crazy hinders their profits. >.>

rhood0223536d ago

The problem is that Square and Enix merged in the first place.

When they were their own companies, they were number 1 and 2 in the rpg business. The competition between the two drove them to create some of the best rpgs of the last several generations and, because they were vying for the cash of consumers, to constantly push the envelope in terms of creating new and innovative worlds.

But when you merge the top 2 talents, you tend to become complacent and arrogant. You tend to take shortcuts in development because you know people will buy it for the pedigree. You tend to just "phone in" development of new IPs and rely on the quick buck of remakes.

I mean, looking at the list of titles released by both companies before and after the merger is eye-opening--93% of the titles released since 2003 are re-releases or re-makes.

Da One3536d ago

between the two of them and basically rule the RPG world that somehow back fired(We know how)

Millah3536d ago

Well the reason they merged was because both companies were in pretty critical financial situations at the time, and the only way to remain in business was to merge. The Final Fantasy Movie ultimately destroyed Square because that is what left them almost bankrupt and caused the shifts in executives, the merger, the departure of Sakaguchi, etc.

rhood0223536d ago

I understand the reasons for the merger. But you have to think that many at the top of both companies believed they were creating an uber-rpg making company--what with the franchises under their wing.

As for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within--that alone should have barred any Square execs from taking control of SE. It's apparent with that movie that they have no clue what appeals to the fans of their most popular franchise.

Chris Hansen3536d ago

Dear Mr. Nomura,

Please abandon the sinking ship, known as Square-Enix, while you still can. You are worth more than the entire company right now. Your the last hope for jRPGs.

Chris Hansen - Dateline NBC

SpoonyRedMage3536d ago

I think it's mostly the cool-to-hate attitude and opinion that people have about them that's hindering them. The Last Remnant did work, it was about as Mass Effect but because it was made by Square Enix is was marked down and it was also marked down because it wasn't Final Fantasy.

People also say that now that they're on 13 they should stop the series and do something new but whenever they do people complain about lack of work on Final Fantasy.

I for one have bought most of Square's major releases in the last few years and there's been very few that I've not liked and the remakes are fantastic, especially the recent Chrono Trigger one(it was the first time it was available here in England).

I think they should continue with their good work and people should stop expecting miracles from them. It's also interesting to note that Taito is autonomous. Square are also publishing a lot of other people's games nowadays and still making a tidy profit so they're doing well.

Anyway, as I was saying people do criticise them too much, apart from maybe EA they're probably the most hated developers in the world. How come people don't complain about Valve? they take five years to develop games as well. What everyone should do is stop complaining and let them do what they do best, JRPGs.

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