Play Online: Retro Game Challenge Review

Anybody who has an appreciation for the simpler days of gaming will love Retro Game Challenge, as it is a fabulous product with a whole lot of gaming goodness to offer. Those of you who think of the "classic days of gaming" as time spent with Cloud and Sephiroth, however, may not get as much out of what RGC has to give as those who became gamers with an Atari 2600 joystick or Master System controller in hand will. This is a game that, unashamedly, was made for those of us to whom the woes of "sprite flicker" are instantly explainable, those of us who remember the technique of blowing into a cartridge (or even understand what that means in the first place), and those of us who fondly remember the days when dimensions, not to mention buttons, came in twos.

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